A good, sturdy Google Ads campaign calls for the right keywords, the right targeting, a clever bidding strategy, smart ad groups, effective copy — the list goes on. The good news for you (and your Google Ads campaign) is that we’re breaking it all down in this article.
Design is constantly changing, and our tools are getting more advanced. AI is quietly changing how we design, from making rough drafts to improving how users interact with our work.
There’s been a growing number of copyright infringement notices and cases. We think it’s AI-based — the tools are getting smarter and smarter, and, therefore, better at detecting the use of an image. It’s important to know that, legally, if you want to publish, reproduce, copy, or share the work of someone else, you need to gain the correct permissions or licences.
What you might not know about Excite Media is that, amongst all of our banging on about cool data, website user experience, and getting you cold hard leads, there is a hidden wealth of musical talent.
When potential customers land on your website, they’re ticking off a checklist as they go… They want to know why you’re the best, that you’re trustworthy, and that you’re someone they’ll like dealing with. It’s your website that needs to tick these boxes by answering your visitors’ questions and reasoning with their objections as they navigate through your website. That’s where your website basics come in.
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