You’ve probably heard phrases like “content is king” and “engagement is important”, but it’s one thing to know that you have to do a thing, and another to actually do it. So, how do you write engaging website copy? We’ll help you, friend.
Plugins are an amazing way to extend your website’s capabilities, introduce new functionality or features, and create a flexible backend that suits your business’ needs. That said, not all plugins are created equal. There are some things you should know about finding plugins, managing them, and monitoring their impact on your website.
In case you’ve missed it, Excite Media has moved offices. It’s an exciting new chapter for the business, but we know it’s one that might come with some questions, so we thought we’d whip up this blog post to take you through the move, including where the new office is and why the change.
In today’s digital world, it’s easier to reach our customers than ever before. But with the huge amount of ‘noise’ out there on social media — a million other brands competing for attention — connecting with your audience is what’s difficult. This connection is…