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There are more than 1.75 billion websites online today. That’s massive competition when it comes to showing up on Google. The fact is that if you don’t make the effort to show up on Google, your competition will.

Show up where your customers are by engaging Excite Media for your new Cairns SEO campaign. Our SEO specialists have the key ingredients and processes to help you nab your most profitable keywords and the top spots on Google.

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Why an SEO strategy over paid advertising?

As a digital marketing agency, we have both Facebook Ads and Google Ads specialists, as well as SEO specialists. Our Cairns SEO agency values both of these marketing channels – but they’re totally different. Where paid advertising on Facebook and Google can secure you a really good return on your investment and really fast, SEO is a lower investment for a higher return, it just takes a little while longer. 

SEO is the sustainable way to show up in the search engine results pages

SEO is a long game for the long term. Paid advertising is all about the quick wins, but these wins don’t feed off of each other. SEO results compound, continuing to grow your online presence and present more business opportunities to you.

Our strategies are based on three core pillars of SEO

No matter what you’ve heard about SEO, it’s not quite as complex as it may sound. At Excite Media, we focus on three core pillars of SEO. Relevancy, authority, and user experience are what we hone in on to create results and cost-effective leads for you. 

Let us explain: 👇

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1. Relevancy

Google’s main goal with its search engine’s algorithm is to serve up the most relevant results to its users. So, we can help you climb the rankings by creating highly relevant content that answers the questions that people are searching for. 

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2. Authority

On top of relevant content, Google wants it to be right. The search engine determines how likely this is by assessing your authority. Google looks at who’s linking to your content and how often to determine your credibility.

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3. User Experience

Then, there’s the user experience. To give your website visitors a good experience on your website, it needs to be fast, easy to navigate, and easy to read, no matter the device. Meeting these standards will help you find success with SEO.

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Our Cairns SEO services deliver revenue-shifting results 📈

We take you to the top of the search engines. Here’s how we do it. ☝

A good, high-quality SEO strategy calls for plenty of detailed work. That’s what our Cairns SEO agency is here for, though. Here’s what we do:

Discovery & Audit

In order to create amazing SEO results for you, we need to know what your business is about and where you’re at. We’ll dive into your business and industry, learning all there is to know, and then we’ll assess where you’re at now so we know what’s required to put you on top. 

Local Business Optimisation

Most businesses are big on their local SEO results. Unless you’re a national eCommerce brand, your local SEO results are going to be really important. Luckily for you, Google loves local search, and we’re specialists when it comes to optimising your Google Business Profile.

Keyword Research & Inclusion

Your keywords are how your customers find you. So, it’s pretty important they’re included on your website, so the right kind of people can find you. We’ll do keyword research and then include keywords throughout your website through content creation, copywriting, and technical optimisation.

Technical SEO

Our Cairns SEO specialists take technical SEO strategies to the next level. We’ll look at everything on your website: your security settings, your site speed, and your XML and robots.txt configurations to make your website technically perfect in Google’s eyes. We’ll even take you through what we’re doing and why. 

Content Development

Content is how you can include keywords on your website, and it’s how you attract traffic and backlinks. It’s important that the content is of a high quality and is highly relevant to your audience. Our copywriters and content writers work with you to create a high standard of content.

Link Building & Citations

Having optimised backlinks to your website and to your content and your business’ name listed in the right directories is an amazing way to get noticed by potential customers. It’s also an amazing way to show Google you’re an authority in your industry.

Reputation Management

Google Reviews are really powerful digital marketing tools. They offer peace of mind and sell you to potential customers by providing personalised recommendations in your favour. These reviews work to benefit your local search by bolstering your Google Business Profile.

Tracking & Reporting

Then, of course, are the results. We’ll back up our work by taking you through your monthly report, fit with your results – your ranking fluctuations, authority, and more. Your Cairns search engine optimisation specialist will walk you through it all, explaining what each metric means.

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144+ 5-star reviews

Content and SEO strategies go hand-in-hand.

Informative website content allows you to position your business as an authority in the eyes of Google. Writing good SEO content takes time and skill. You need to know what your audience is asking and searching for, and you need to write it using the right keywords and content structures. Our Cairns SEO specialists are to help you find your target market’s burning questions.

Then, our content writers will create optimised content that’s ready to post on your website and share across your social media channels.

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Your new Cairns SEO agency

Meet the team behind some of the best search engine results here in Cairns. We’ll help you develop a winning SEO strategy that generates serious buzz for you in the search engines.

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🏆 Australian Web Awards: SEO Winner 2021

Experience matters when it comes to choosing a Cairns SEO agency


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144+ 5-star reviews

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Voted in The Australian Business Journal's Top 10 SEO Agencies to Watch.

One of the things that set Excite Media apart from the competition is the extraordinary quality of customer service and support they provide. This is a well-established Australian-based agency that has built quite a positive reputation.

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Your questions answered

This is a tricky one to answer because we don’t do set SEO strategies or packages, and we can’t give you a ballpark until we’ve done the research. You should be wary of SEO agencies who are willing to give you a price before you’ve even mentioned where you are, what industry you’re in, and whether you’ve tried SEO before.

The cost of SEO will depend on a few things:

How competitive is your industry?

The competition in your industry is a really important factor – we have to compete against it! Are a lot of your competitors targeting the same keywords as you? Are they miles ahead of you in the search engines? The more competitive your industry, the more work we’ll need to complete to help you succeed.

How are you currently performing?

You may have already started creating and sharing content on your website that needs to be optimised and touched up by an SEO professional. Or, you may have a brand new website, and you’ve never considered SEO before – meaning we need to start from scratch.

What locations are you targeting?

Are you just targeting your local area? Are you attempting to take on the nation? The location and the number of different locations or areas you’re targeting makes a big impact on your SEO strategy.

What’s your website’s quality like?

The better quality your website, the better chance it has of ranking on Google and the other leading search engines. It’s important you have up-to-date, high-quality content. Your website needs to be optimised in line with Google’s standards for user experience, speed, and technical factors. On top of all of that, your backlink profile makes a big impact too. 

How quickly do you need it to work?

SEO is a long-term game, but you can take an aggressive approach to make the process quicker. Are you happy to take it slow and steady to improve your website and rankings over time? Would you rather accelerate your SEO results?

Good Cairns SEO agencies will take the time to ask these questions and learn about you, to determine whether they can help you how you need them to before they give you a price. When you team up with our Cairns SEO specialists, we’ll take the time to dig into your business before we create an accurate quote for you.

We’ll take this stage on by ourselves at no additional cost to you.

The timeframe for success from search engine optimisation depends. Your industry might be less competitive, meaning you could see results in weeks. Most businesses can expect to wait a few months before they see business-changing results, though. Search engine optimisation is all about the long game but can produce serious long-term results.

Our Cairns digital marketing team will work with you to try and secure quick wins early on in your campaign. They might do this by teaming your SEO campaign up with other channels like paid ads or other low-hanging fruit opportunities.

SEO is important for showing up where your customers are (the search engine results page). Imagine your website is a shopfront. You could set it up out of your home or in an industrial area out of the city. Or, you could set it up in the main shopping centre or on the main street. You’ll get a load more traffic through your shop if you opt for the latter.

It’s the same with your website and SEO. Your website isn’t going to get that much traffic if you’re not making the effort to show up on Google. By investing in SEO, just like that higher rent price on the main street, you’ll receive much more organic traffic and a much better return on your investment.

This one is easy!

  • We’re so good at SEO we’ve won an award. We took home a prize in the “SEO Effectiveness” category in the Australian Web Awards.
  • We’re a long-standing Cairns SEO agency. Established in 2006, we’ve since worked on more than 1,600 websites.
  • We’re one of the highest-rated Cairns SEO agencies. We have a 5-star rating from more than 110 reviews!
  • Our team is local. We’re based here in Cairns and across Australia. Catch up with us for a coffee!
  • We commit ourselves to results. Our 5-star rating comes from our results and how we deliver on our promises.

Contact us today and let’s see if we’re a good fit.

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