Is content that important? How one blog post made this client’s traffic soar ✈️

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Is content that important? How one blog post made this client’s traffic soar ✈️
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A question we get time and time again is, “Why content?”

And we get it. If you haven’t been hanging around in the SEO world for long, you might not totally “get” why we recommend content.

A lot of our clients tend to think, “Our customers will never read that.” Or, “Nobody will engage with that.”

The truth is, that content can be really engaging and can provide a positive experience for your customer base — making them like you even more. But it’s also an amazing SEO tool, one we use to win you better rankings.

Meet UAV Training Australia, an organisation providing drone pilot training across the nation. They’re the team responsible for training our future commercial drone pilots.

UAV Training Australia came to us back in 2018 to begin an SEO campaign. Like most of our SEO clients, they had two main goals: better rankings and more leads.

Through SEO techniques and the creation of one quality piece of content, we managed to secure an additional 700+ website visitors each month.

Yep, one blog post is bringing UAV Training an extra 700 pairs of eyes on their offering each month — that’s one quarter of their overall traffic.

Here’s how we did it👇

We met UAV Training Australia when the SEO community had more of a focus on rankings than anything else. Of course, that’s what UAV wanted too — rankings that led to leads.

Today, we put more of a focus on the traffic generated. Rankings are really just a by-product of the ultimate end goal: more eyes on your website 👀

It’s important to note that a #5 ranking in one industry can bring on more traffic and leads than a #1 ranking in another industry.

After starting an SEO campaign back in September of 2018, we soon had UAV Training Australia on board for a new website.

It was important that we created a website that showed their authority in the industry, while clearly defining the courses they had available and getting it ready for the SEO team to continue their magic ✨

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We continued creating content to rank, bring in traffic & engage new users 📈

The SEO team began collating keywords, as well as queries and question-based keywords to come up with some neat content ideas.

We began writing engaging, optimised content around drones, drone training, and the drone industry generally. 

This included topics like the future of drones — at a time when they had really begun taking off ✈️

We looked at how they were being used in the COVID-19 pandemic. And as well as that, we created career-based content — informative content for aspiring drone pilots.

The famous blog post 👑

Each of these blog posts played their part in the long game that is SEO. They each brought in additional keywords, answered key search queries, and provided valuable content that positioned UAV Training Australia as an authority in the industry.

There was one blog post in particular though, that made their website traffic soar.

In February this year, Jo from our SEO team noticed that there was a large search volume of queries around drones in agriculture. People in both the agriculture and drone industries had a big interest in how drones could make an impact in this space — she saw this as an opportunity to create some really valuable content.

We decided to create a blog post titled, ‘How Drones are Used in Agriculture’.

It was a 1,200-word post unpacking the nitty-gritty of drones in Agriculture — how are they being used and where are they expected to progress to in the near future?

The post, which went live in April, unpacked it all.

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How one blog post created 700+ monthly visitors

By September, the ‘How Drones Are Used in Agriculture’ post had started ranking well. But then, it picked up Featured Snippet Status™.

It now shows up in Position Zero for the search term, “How are drones used in agriculture”.

So, any time someone googles that query, UAV Training Australia provides a quick snippet of content straight from the blog that answers the question.

This provides a link to the blog too, so the searcher can then go and learn more about the topic.

Google identifying this piece of content, pulling the answer into a featured snippet, and linking to UAV Training Australia’s blog post has secured the website more than 700 additional monthly visitors. That’s from this one snippet alone.

google search

So, how do those additional visitors affect the rest of UAV Training’s SEO results?

Not only are those additional 700 visitors to the site another 700 opportunities for leads and 700 opportunities to increase brand awareness, but they also let Google know that UAV Training is an authority.They know their stuff and Google’s users are appreciating the information they’re providing.

That brand awareness also translates into more direct searches for the brand, increasing their authority even more.

The more traffic they receive, the more authority Google is giving them, which in turn, increases their rankings (and therefore leads) across the board. As well as that? Google’s giving them even more authority for the time these users are spending on the page to read the blog post.

Page Views

The blog post is now bringing in some amazing traffic. It first went live in April and gained just one view. In May, the blog brought in 13 visitors. It began ranking pretty well in September when it nabbed that Featured Snippet. In November? It brought in 873 views.

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The 700+ additional visitors to the blog post aren’t the only additional website visitors. UAV Training’s website had 736 visitors in January last year. In November? It picked up 1,696 visitors…

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