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Did you know there are more than 1.75 billion websites online today? That’s a lot of competition to be up against, especially in the search engines. Showing up on Google and the other search engines is more essential than ever. Because if you’re not where your customers are looking? Your competitors probably are.

Our SEO company is backed by a team of specialists who support our Sunshine Coast clients by making getting more traffic to your website our top priority.

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Why Search Engine Optimisation over Google Ads or Facebook Ads?

SEO, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads are all amazing digital marketing channels, each able to secure you a high return. Paid advertising and search engine optimisation are two very different approaches, though. Where search engine optimisation is a long-term game involving a variety of strategies slowly scaled to create organic search rankings, paid advertising is a short-term game full of quick wins.

Different businesses will benefit more from SEO services and others more from paid ads. An over-simplified explanation is that SEO is for products and services people know they need and are searching for. Paid ads are for products and services people might not be actively searching for. That doesn’t mean every business needs just search engine optimisation or just paid ads, though. When combined, paid advertising and search engine optimisation can work a real treat.

Sunshine Coast SEO services give you sustainable online success

SEO is typically where the long-term profits are. Sure, you need to maintain your strategy and pivot with Google’s algorithm changes, but the results from our SEO services will continue to pay off long after those quick wins with Facebook Ads or Google Ads.

There are three core pillars of an effective SEO strategy

SEO isn’t as mystifying as you might think. No matter what you’ve heard about search, there’s no magic involved. Our Sunshine Coast SEO agency focuses on three core pillars. Relevancy, authority, and user experience are our key focus when it comes to getting you search engine results. It’s how we secure our clients cost-effective leads through organic traffic every day. 

Let us explain: 👇

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1. Relevancy

Google has a big focus on relevancy. As in how relevant your website’s content is to the searcher. By creating content that’s highly relevant to your target audience, we’re able to tick those boxes drawn by Google and boost your SEO performance.

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2. Authority

Google wants to deliver the best and most authoritative content to its users. You can rank higher and boost your credibility in Google’s eyes by getting links to your content. A link from another authoritative website tells Google you know what you’re talking about.

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3. User Experience

The third pillar is user experience. If your website is fast, easy to navigate, and readable on any device, you’ll have a better chance of ranking on Google. We have an expert web design team available to help get your website up to scratch.

Chat to the Sunshine Coast’s favourite SEO agency today!

Chat to Sunshine Coast’s favourite SEO agency today!

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Our Sunshine Coast SEO services deliver revenue-shifting results 📈

Our SEO agency puts you at the top. Here’s how we do it. ☝

There are loads of different techniques that make up our Sunshine Coast SEO service. It’s a lot of detailed work to get it done just right, but that’s what we’re here for. 😉

Discovery & Audit

The first stop on the way to producing top rankings for your business is the discovery stage. We need to find out all about your business, your industry, and where you’re currently at before we can piece together a plan of attack. We’ll complete an SEO audit, analysing you and your competitors.

Local SEO: Google Business Profile Optimisation

For most service-based and in-person businesses, local SEO is really important. Local SEO is the key to getting more local, organic traffic. Google loves local search, and so do we. We’ll optimise your Google Business Profile to help you scale the local search results. 

Keyword Inclusion

Keywords are how your customers find you through search, so keyword inclusion is a biggie. Your SEO specialist will use keyword research and analysis to find out what your audience is searching for and what you’re already ranking for, and then capitalise on our findings. 


Technical SEO

Our SEO specialists and team of web developers handle the technical side of your Sunshine Coast SEO strategy. While on-page SEO, like content and copy are really important, so is your off-page SEO to ensure Google can easily crawl your website. From your security settings to site speed to XML & Robots.txt configurations, we’ll handle all of your technical SEO.

Content Development

Through a mix of search-optimised content and copywriting, we’ll create high-quality content for your website. From your service pages to the meta descriptions for each page, we’ll develop the right content to put you on top.

Link Building & Citations

By optimising your backlinks (and securing you some extra links) and creating citations in the right directories, we can develop your website’s authority, helping you rank in search engines. Plus, you’ll have more opportunities to get found by the right people.

Reputation Management

Google reviews are really powerful. Firstly, these are really useful when it comes to local search and showing up in Local Packs. Even better though, they develop your reputation. A slew of positive reviews can do wonders for your business.

Tracking & Reporting

We’re transparent with you. While we’ll take on the work for you, we’ll take you through the process with us. You’ll receive monthly reports detailing how your SEO campaign is going and the wins we’ve had each month.

Ready to rank in the search engines? Let’s chat!

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144+ 5-star reviews

Add some content to really skyrocket your results.

Content is the secret to building authoritative backlinks, including relevant keywords on your website, and climbing the Google rankings. Blog articles, pillar posts, and other forms of high-quality, informative content are a staple in our SEO services. The content needs to answer your audience’s questions, have high relevance, and be really high quality, though. This kind of website content and blog content takes time, we know. Our content marketing team is here to help you produce top-level content. This is just included as part of our SEO services, too.

Optimised for SEO and prepped to share across all your social media channels, you can drive more business through content.

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Meet your new Sunshine Coast SEO agency

Meet the team you’ll be working with to dominate the search engine rankings. 

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144+ 5-star reviews

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Voted in The Australian Business Journal's Top 10 SEO Agencies to Watch.

One of the things that set Excite Media apart from the competition is the extraordinary quality of customer service and support they provide. This is a well-established Australian-based agency that has built quite a positive reputation.

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Your questions answered

We can’t put a set price on our SEO packages. The cost is made up of so many different factors, and each of these is unique to your business and your goals.

We wouldn’t recommend partnering with SEO agencies that do offer you a set price before they’ve listened to you, found out what you’re hoping to achieve, and assessed your competition.

There are a few things that factor into the cost of SEO:

The competition in your industry

The more competition in your industry, the more work is required to get you ranking in those top spots. We’ll consider how your competition is tackling SEO and what’s required to help bring you up to speed.

Your current SEO performance

You may have already invested some time in your SEO, creating content and optimising your pages. Or, you may have a brand new website, meaning we have to start your SEO strategy from scratch. 

The demographics you’re targeting

There’s a big difference between an SEO strategy for a small business trying to get some more local leads and an eCommerce business scaling its reach internationally. 

The quality of your website

Your website’s quality has a big impact on your SEO. Have you been regularly posting high-quality content? Have you optimised your website to meet Google’s standards across user experience, speed, and technical issues? Do you have a solid backlink profile making you look authoritative?

Your timeframe and expectations

SEO calls for patience. It’s usually about the long game, you need to invest time as you slowly scale your approach to climb the search engine rankings. You can take a more aggressive approach to speed things up, though. 

Are you happy to take things slow and steady, improving your website bit by bit? Or would you prefer to accelerate your SEO results? 

We can’t give you a direct answer to “How much does SEO cost?” because we don’t know all the facts. We usually find out about your business, industry, and competition before we offer you a quote. 

Any of the research we need to do during our quoting process is on us – it won’t cost you a cent.

This one really depends. Some businesses with less competitive industries may see results within weeks, but most businesses can usually expect results in months. SEO isn’t the digital marketing channel for hard and fast results, but it’s an amazing way to generate organic traffic and business growth long-term. 

It really does depend on your industry, and while you may begin to see some results in just a couple of months, you generally won’t see your website climbing the search engine results pages for around six months. SEO really is a service you need to invest in, and once the foundations have been laid and best practice SEO techniques have been applied, you’ll begin to see your results snowball. We’ve written two case studies on this exact phenomenon. Here’s an example for our client, who is a buyer’s agent in a competitive real estate market. Here is one in promotional products for an eCommerce SEO example.

Our Sunshine Coast digital marketing specialists will find strategies that secure you quick wins in the early months of your campaign. This could be through different digital marketing channels like paid ads or by finding low-hanging fruit opportunities.

Think of your website as a shop front in your local area. 

There are the busy parts of the area – the main street, the shopping centre – and then there are the industrial parts of town, where people aren’t window shopping or leisurely browsing. 

The shops in the busy parts – that main street and the shopping centre, they’re the websites that are ranking on the first page. And the shops in the positions that receive the most foot traffic? They’re the websites ranking number one.

Then there’s the second page and beyond. These are the shops in that industrial area we mentioned. They’re 10 minutes out of town, and people rarely come across them by a happy accident. 

A quality SEO campaign that gets you results is similar to investing in the rent for a prime shop position. You’ll pay a little bit extra, but the additional business you’ll receive will make up for it.

This one is simple

  • We’re an award-winning Sunshine Coast SEO agency. We took home an award in the Australian Web Awards in the “SEO Effectiveness” category.
  • We’re a well-established Sunshine Coast SEO agency. Established in 2006, we’ve been lucky to work on more than 1,600 websites since then.
  • We’re amongst the highest-rated SEO agencies on the Sunshine Coast (5 stars from more than 110 reviews!).
  • We’re local to the Sunshine Coast. Our team is based here and across Australia. Catch up with us for a coffee one day!
  • Our 5-star rating isn’t in vain. We get serious results from our clients, we always deliver what we promise.

Contact us today and let’s see if we’re a good fit.

Local SEO is how we help you find more visibility in the local search results. You know when you search for a business — say a hair salon or a plumber — and you get that list of businesses up the top? Google offers a ‘Local Pack’ where you can see businesses local to you at a glance. It’ll show you how far away they are, their Google rating, their opening hours, and how you can find and contact them.

Our local SEO services help you optimise your Google Business Profile to show up in these packs and get more local business.

You’ll receive a monthly report from your SEO specialist and account manager where we’ll take you through everything we’ve done and what your results look like. You’ll be across every keyword ranking change and exciting development in your results.

While we love collating the numbers to show you your progress, we’re big on the big picture results. So, your account manager will check in with you to make sure that your good search engine results are translating into more customers for your business.

Yeah, it is. Keyword research is how we know what to optimise your website for. By using our SEO software, we can find the numbers to work out exactly what your audience is typing into the Google search bar. It’s how we determine whether we should optimise for ‘SEO Sunshine Coast’ or ‘SEO company Sunshine Coast’.

By looking at what people are searching for and the volume of searches, we can also work out why they’re searching too. Do they want to learn about the topic? Or are they ready to buy? Keyword research is a really important piece of the SEO puzzle.

Still have questions?

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