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A single page, designed & optimised to create action.

When you need website visitors to take action, a highly-focused landing page is a preferred choice for digital marketers worldwide. A well-designed page can drastically increase your conversions and help to drive leads to your business.

Our team are experts at designing landing pages that look great, work well and drive large amounts of leads to your inbox.
Best of all, our landing pages can be deployed quickly to capitalise on seasonal campaigns or upcoming sales opportunities.

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What makes a landing page unique?

Unlike a traditional website, which encourages a user to explore many different areas of your business, a landing page is focused on a single call to action, such as an enquiry or sale of a specific product.

This simplification serves a few purposes, including removing other distractions that may be present on a full-featured site and ‘guiding’ your prospects towards them completing your goal. 

When developing an effective landing page, we need to:

Provide a compelling offer

By removing options such as menus and external links, a dedicated landing page encourages prospects to consume very targeted content and guides them to performing a specific action.

Focus on a single purpose

Your landing page needs to have a clear ‘Call to Action’ and guide the user through the steps to completing that goal with as little friction as possible. 

Remove Distractions

By removing options such as menus and external links, a dedicated landing page encourages prospects to consume very targeted content and guides them to perform a specific action.

What makes a 'direct-response' landing page so work so well?

Think about when you walk through the entrance of a supermarket.

The supermarket has no idea who you are and what you like to eat and drink, so they offer you aisles upon aisles of everything you could possibly need and it’s up to you to browse and collect the groceries you want to purchase before you checkout and leave the store.

Well, a visitor landing on your homepage is a similar concept. You have no idea who is visiting your website and the specific reason for their visit, so you have to make all possible options available to that prospect.

The best solution for this type of visitor is that your homepage is designed in a clear and structured way that allows them to browse for what they want as quickly and efficiently as possible.

However, a landing page takes it a step further, as it has been developed to cater for a more qualified visitor whose intention is known to some extent.

This time imagine that you decided to go to the supermarket and all you wanted from your visit was a loaf of bread. You walk through the entrance and to your delight there is just a single aisle waiting for you with the exact loaf of bread you wanted. No other products or aisles and no other distractions.

It would make for a much better customer experience, right?

You’d see exactly what you want, put it in your basket and checkout in seconds. You wouldn’t need to find the correct aisle, walk past thousands of other products and “specials” that you don’t care about before you get to the single product you actually wanted.

When to use a landing page?

As one of the tools in a digital marketer’s tool belt, the landing page is often used as a destination for PPC or Facebook paid marketing campaigns. With such a narrow focus and a compelling offer, a well-crafted page can also be effective for email campaigns and offline marketing too.

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