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Your customers are looking for you on Google. And if you aren’t there, then your competitors will be. There are more than 1.75 billion websites online, and as we become increasingly dependent on online resources, that competition only continues to grow. Our Gold Coast SEO agency is here to help you beat your competition and show up where you need to.

We’re the team you can count on to get your website ranking for the most profitable keywords – and keep it that way.

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Why Search Engine Optimisation over Paid Ads?

Both Google Ads and Facebook Ads are awesome digital marketing channels. You can secure a really solid return on paid advertising in just days with the help of our paid ad specialists. Search engine optimisation and paid advertising are totally different channels. Paid ads cost more, work quickly, and aren’t a great long-term strategy when they’re just on their own.

Where paid ads serve up quick wins, search engine optimisation is the long game.

Search engine optimisation, on the other hand, is the long game. The wins take longer to achieve, it’s usually more affordable than paid advertising, and it’s where long-term profits can be made. By investing some time into it, search engine optimisation can seriously pay off. With the right agency, you can find yourself in the top results in a matter of months – but it certainly isn’t instantaneous like paid advertising.

An SEO campaign can generate hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in extra business for you. Our digital marketing services find the balance between strategies and guide you towards the best channels for your business.

The three core pillars of effective SEO

SEO services can seem pretty overwhelming, but regardless of what you’ve heard, there’s no magic involved. There are three core pillars we focus on at Excite Media: relevancy, authority, and user experience. These pillars are the secret to getting cost-effective results from organic search, day in, day out

Let us explain: 👇

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1. Relevancy

Your website isn’t about you or us. It’s about the user. So, Google values relevancy a lot. If your content is highly relevant to what people are searching for, then you’ll be on your way to a profitable SEO experience.
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2. Authority

Search engines use clues like who’s linking to your website to determine how much authority you hold. So, when a higher-ranking website links to your content, it then recognises you as an authority on that topic, boosting your credibility and keyword rankings across the board.
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3. User Experience

Then there’s the user experience. If your website is fast, simple to navigate, and easy to read on any device, you’ll turn website visitors into fans and boost your search engine rankings. Our web design team uses the latest technology and practices to help with this.

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We deliver revenue-shifting search engine results 📈

We put you on top. Here’s how. ☝

Getting your business the results you deserve takes a lot of hard work and strategy. Don’t stress. That’s what we’re here for 😉

Discovery & Audit

To secure you really good results, we first need to find out how your business operates. We need to know what the market is like and how your website stacks up against your competitors when it comes to rankings, design, and overall performance. All of our digital marketing services start with discovery.

Local Business Optimisation

For most service-based and bricks-and-mortar businesses, it’s all about your local SEO results. And that’s great news because Google loves to focus on these local results. We’ll set you up with an optimised Google Business Profile to support your local SEO efforts and generally help you get found in Google search results

Keyword Inclusion

This is where things start to get exciting. When you think of search engine optimisation, you usually think of keywords. Of course, we’ll do some keyword research and take a look at the keywords you’re already ranking for and the keywords you really want to rank for. Through analysis and strategy, we begin planning their inclusion on your website.

Technical SEO

Our team of SEO specialists and on-hand developers allow us to take our Gold Coast clients’ technical SEO to another level. Technical SEO ensures your website is well-built and easily crawlable by Google’s bots. From your security settings to site speed to XML and Robots.txt configurations, our SEO specialists will walk you through it all.

Content Development

Content, or the words you post on your website, is one of the most important factors of SEO. Luckily, we have a team of copywriters, content creators, and Gold Coast SEO specialists to create, optimise, and maximise your content.

Link Building & Citations

Link building and the creation of citations isn’t the most fun aspect of SEO, but it is an important one. By optimising your backlinks, getting your business’ name in the right directories, and creating consistent citations, we boost your domain rating.

Reputation Management

Google reviews are a powerful tool for SEO. Not only do these have an impact on your local SEO results, but a list of glowing reviews helps encourage potential customers to contact you. This boosts your sales results.

Tracking & Reporting

At the centre of any good SEO campaign is transparent tracking and reporting. Our Gold Coast SEO services see us track and monitor the progress of your campaign, and your account manager will take you through the results each month.

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144+ 5-star reviews

Sprinkle some content magic for better results in the search engines

Informative content is an essential part of your SEO strategy. Search engines use content to determine whether you’re an authority in your industry or not. So, writing high-quality content in blog posts, articles, and guides is really important. We know this can be tricky, though. It takes a long time to write a quality piece of content. When you team up with us for our Gold Coast SEO services, we’ll dive into your target market, uncover the questions they have, and develop a content plan that both you and your ideal customer will benefit from. Don’t worry, we’ll write it for you too.
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SEO Gold Coast: meet your new agency

Just some of the amazing people at Excite Media who are here to help you develop a winning Gold Coast SEO strategy to get exposure on the major search engines 👇

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🏆 Australian Web Awards: SEO Winner 2021

Experience matters when it comes to choosing a Gold Coast SEO agency


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144+ 5-star reviews

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Voted in The Australian Business Journal's Top 10 SEO Agencies to Watch.

One of the things that set Excite Media apart from the competition is the extraordinary quality of customer service and support they provide. This is a well-established Australian-based agency that has built quite a positive reputation.

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Your questions answered

We don’t do blanket packages for our SEO services. The cost will come down to all the different factors combined that are totally unique to you and your business.

We need to know where you’re at with your digital marketing and SEO campaign – if you have one. We need to know what your goals are. And we need to know what your expectations are – do you need a quick win, or are you willing to scale your campaign with time?

You should be hesitant of SEO agencies who do offer you pricing before they’ve learned about your website, industry, or competition first.

There are a few things that factor into the cost of SEO:

How competitive is your industry?

Are a lot of your competitors competing for the same keywords as you? How far ahead of you are they? The more competitive your industry, the more work is required.

How are you currently performing?

Have you achieved some good results with SEO already and want to maximise those results? Or is your website brand new, meaning we’re starting from scratch?

What locations are you targeting?

Is it just your local area you want to target, or are you attempting to take on nationwide or even international competitors?

What’s your website’s quality like?

The quality of your current website will impact your SEO a lot. Are you regularly posting high-quality content? Has your website been optimised to meet Google’s standards for user experience, speed, and technical factors? What’s your backlink profile like?

How quickly do you need it to work?

SEO is about the long game, but there is the option to take an aggressive approach to speed the process up. Are you happy to take it slow and steady and improve your website over time? Or are you wanting to accelerate your SEO results?

We wouldn’t be a very good SEO agency if we gave our clients a price for SEO without finding out about your business, industry, and competition first. So, we’ll always speak with you so we can create an accurate quote.

Any research we need to do during our quoting process is on us – there’s no cost to you.

How long SEO takes to work really depends. In some less competitive markets, it’s possible to see results in a matter of weeks. However, for the average business, it can take a few months to see really impactful results. SEO is all about the long game, and it’s an investment that pays off through organic traffic and subsequent business long-term.

Our Gold Coast digital marketing specialists work strategically to secure you quick wins in the early months of your campaign. This might be through other digital marketing channels like paid ads or by finding low-hanging fruit opportunities.

Imagine your website is a physical shop front in your local area.

There’s the busy part of the area. The part where the rent is higher because of all the opportunities you have from passers-by. The shops in this part of the area and the ones ranking on the first page.

Those shops get the most foot traffic and, therefore, the most customers because they’re in a prime position right where all the potential customers are walking by.

If you’re not on the first page of Google, your shop might as well be in that industrial area 10 minutes out of town. It’s harder for customers to find you.

Investing in Gold Coast SEO services is like relocating your shop front to that busy area. You’re paying a little bit more, but the additional business is absolutely worth it.

This one is simple

  • We’re an award-winning SEO agency. We won an award in the Australian Web Awards for the “SEO Effectiveness” category.
  • We’re a long-standing SEO agency working on the Gold Coast. We were established in 2006, and since then, we’ve worked on over 1,600 websites!
  • We’re one of the highest-rated SEO agencies on the Gold Coast (5 out of 5 from over 100 reviews!).
  • We’re local. Our team is based here on the Gold Coast and all across Australia. We’re always keen to catch up for a coffee!
  • We get results. Our 5-star rating comes back to how we deliver on our promises.

Contact us today and let’s see if we’re a good fit.

Put simply, yes. We need to know what it is your target audience are searching for and we need to know how they’re searching. Keyword research tells us whether people are searching for ‘SEO Gold Coast’ or ‘Gold Coast SEO agency’. We can find exactly what people are typing into that Google search bar to get you better results.

Your SEO campaign is a month-to-month strategy that logically plans out each search engine optimisation technique we plan to use to help your website rank. From keyword research, backlink optimisation, and local SEO optimisations, to on-page optimisations and technical SEO tweaks. It’s a comprehensive SEO strategy planned in a way that suits your business’ budget while being competitive.

Our Gold Coast SEO specialists will develop a custom campaign to help your business make it to the top of the search engines.

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