Excite Media was created by three schoolmates in 2006

Our directors, Scott and Nathanael met at school and had developed a shared passion for business. Their first business venture? Their high school rock band, of course. But they had their first taste of business success during their time at university, where they ran a tutoring agency. (They weren’t doing the tutoring, luckily.)

They soon launched SnapSoft, a web development company — and their most successful business to date.

That was until the 18th of September 2006, when Excite Media was born. They brought in their other schoolmate, Chris, and the rest is history. Today, Scott and Nathanael continue to strive for Excite Media to be a leader in the way it does right by its team and right by its clients.

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“I have no idea where to even start”

- Nervous Business Owner

Don’t stress! We know exactly where to start. It’s why we’re here. Once we’ve gotten to know you and your business, we walk you through the process, like your digital marketing tour guide. We communicate with you without any of that digital marketing jargon, and we’re always around to answer your questions.

From, “What does a backlink do?” to, “What’s DNS?

Our team makes sure your web design and digital marketing work.

Our digital marketing success comes back to our team. Our project managers and account managers live and breathe our recipes for digital marketing success. Don’t worry, we’ll get to these shortly.

Behind our project and account management teams, though, are our specialists — SEO specialists, web designers, web developers, copywriters, and paid ad experts. They bring expertise, matched with creativity, to get into your brand’s mindset so we can yell your business’ message from the rooftops. Or, you know, from the digital channels best suited to your campaign.

Our clever processes make web design and digital marketing easy.

We’ve spent years of trial and error creating the perfect processes. Our top two priorities are efficiency and building a quality website or campaign. Our third priority? It’s making it easy for our clients to stay with us and feel on top of it all at every stage.

1. Kick-Off Meeting ⚽

So we understand you and your goals completely.

2. Design Review 🎨

To make sure you like the direction of our creative.

3. Copy Chat ✏️

Where we dive into your business to learn it all.

4. Creative 🎨

The copy and design come together.

5. Module Design

Any custom aspects of your website are mocked up.

6. Development

The developers build it and make it all real.

7. Quality Assurance ✅

Someone who hasn’t worked on your site checks it

8. Build Review

You get to take a look around your business’ new home!

9. Launch QA

We make sure it all works perfectly and as it should.

10. Launch Time 🚀

We hit the big red button!

Disclaimer: this is not how websites are actually launched.

1. Kick-Off Meeting ⚽

We get to know you, your goals, and what you’ve already tried.

2. Briefing Specialists 🎨

We’ll take our early ideas to all the right people in our office.

3. Strategy Presentation

It’s important you like what we’re doing, so we’ll run you through it.

4. Campaign Launch 🚀

The exciting part! We’ll hit the ground running with your new campaign.

5. Monthly Reports 📈

You’ll get walked through your monthly report to see how we’re doing.

6. Reiteration

We’ll continue finding ways to strengthen your campaign.

We really like our clients.

The best thing about our job is that every day we get to meet new people, understand their vision, and use our own expertise to pull it off. We see our relationship with our clients as a collaborative one — one where we treat you well and when you win? We win too.

We like our clients so much that we created a Code of Ethics. This way, you know exactly what to expect when you team up with us.

We take our values seriously.

Our values are all about how we treat each other, how we treat you, and how we approach every day at work. We’re so proud to see our team living out our values each and every day.

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Care for each other, for you, and for the outcome of your project. It’s checking in with each other, checking in with you, and celebrating your big wins (business and personal) together.

You can depend on us and we can depend on each other. That means the serious stuff like deadlines and budgets, but the less serious stuff too. Basically, we do what we say we’ll do.

Contribution is big at Excite Media. It’s contributing to ideas, projects, and campaigns. But it’s also digging in when one of our teammates or you, the client, needs us most.

When you like where you work and who you work with, it’s easy to do great things. Fun at work doesn’t hinder productivity, it supports it. In fact, bringing fun to work is a contribution in itself.

Are we a digital agency if we don’t tell you a little bit about our culture?

Workplace culture is more than a ping pong table.

Look, yes, we do have a ping pong table, but our culture is way more than that.

We really like working together

Our team really likes each other… but what does that have to do with you? Well, it means our projects are more efficient, ‘cause we really like working with each other. It means you’ll never sense tension in our boardroom — because we don’t have room for egos at Excite Media. And it means your project stays on track, and you get to join the team and have fun with us along the way.

It comes back to how we value fun

Being silly is embraced at Excite Media. When we have fun and enjoy each other’s company, everyone’s moods lift, which leads to better productivity and, usually, better work.

But we love our quiet teammates too

Not everyone has to be a comedian, though. We all contribute to our culture in our own way. Some of us bring buckets of silliness, others are full of care for the team, and then there are the ones who respond, “Yeah no worries, I’ll get on that right now” to every request thrown their way.

You get a 🌮 for making it this far

When it comes to feedback, we live by the rule: critique privately and praise publicly. It means feedback is given sensitively, and our team takes this on humbly. But it also means that when one of us does really well, we make a fuss about it. Usually by throwing taco emojis at each other over Slack (our messaging program).

Showering each other in tacos every day gives us all the warm and fuzzies, but it makes us remember our values and all the little things that make a big impact.

And you? You made it all the way down here! That’s 🌮-worthy for sure.

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