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Google is where your customers are, and with an average of 8.5 billion searches on Google every day, you can’t afford not to be there. That’s why we’re here. There’s plenty of competition out there, but with the right Sydney SEO strategy, you can rise to the top and leave your competitors in your search engine dust.

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Search engine optimisation VS PPC. Who’s the winner? 🥊

Pay Per Click (PPC) or paid ads are often stacked up against SEO. Which is better? Who’s the winner? Sure, they both nab your business leads – but which one should you choose?

Simply put, PPC services, like Facebook Ads or Google Ads, are about getting results fast. They can produce seriously impressive results in just days. 

But if PPC can do that, why do we bother with SEO? Well, while SEO can take months to produce the same results, once it does, it’s smooth, cost-effective sailing for your business.

SEO is a long-term service. So, it calls for some patience 🧘

Search engine optimisation services call for patience. It’s different to paid ads, in that rather than quick wins – you’re rewarded for consistency and commitment. Your SEO results are kind of like interest in your bank. These results compound and continue to benefit your future results – making it a clever investment for any business.

To deliver effective SEO, we focus on three main categories

SEO shouldn’t be all smoke and mirrors. At Excite Media, we’re straight up with you about how we handle your SEO. There are three core pillars of SEO that we focus on: relevancy, authority, and user experience (UX).

Let’s go through these pillars together 👇

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1. Relevancy

Google really values relevancy. It wants to give its searchers the most relevant content or results for their search query. What does this mean for your strategy? Basically, we jump into the shoes of your audience and create content that is highly relevant to what they’re searching for.

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2. Authority

It doesn’t just need to be relevant, though. It needs to be right. Google doesn’t have a back-of-office team fact-checking you, though. They look at who’s linking to and citing your content through links. The more authoritative websites that link to you, the more authoritative you become in Google’s opinion.

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3. User Experience

Google also wants to send its users to a good website, where they’ll have a good experience. So, your website needs to tick some UX boxes. It should load fast, be simple to navigate around and be easy to read – no matter which device the user is on.

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We’ve produced crazy ROI with SEO 📈

We’ll take you to the top. Here’s how ☝

A high-quality SEO strategy for a Sydney business like yours calls for a well-rounded approach. At Excite Media, that’s exactly how we tackle it. Here’s what we do:

Discovery & Audit

To produce high-impact results for your business, we’ll need to get to know it first. We’ll jump head-first into your industry and business, getting to know who your customers are, what they’re looking for, and how we can best meet their needs. 

Local Business Optimisation

If you’re a service-based business, your local SEO results are so important. When it comes to local search, we’re experts. Through the optimisation of your website and your Google Business Profile, we’ll make sure your business shows up in local search packs.

Keyword Inclusion

When your customer searches for your services, they’re typing keywords into a search engine. We work out what those keywords are. Then we reverse engineer your website and its content to rank on Google for them. It’s how we make sure your business is the answer to their query.

Technical SEO

With a team of remote Sydney SEO specialists and web developers on hand, we’ll make sure your website is technically healthy. This includes your site speed, XML sitemap, and robots.txt configurations – all the back-end things that Google really cares about.

Content Development

To get those keywords on your website in a logical way and to meet your customers’ needs, content is essential. Our in-house copywriters and content marketers will create quality content that ticks all of the boxes in terms of optimisation, readability and usefulness.

Link Building & Citations

Every backlink (link to your website) paints a picture for Google around your authority. By producing quality content and getting backlinks, and by building citations (getting your name in directories), we can let Google know you’re an authority in your industry.

Reputation Management

Google Reviews on your Google Business Profile are so powerful. These are amazing for showing your potential customers just how amazing your business is, but they also benefit you when it comes to your local SEO and showing up in those local listings.

Tracking & Reporting

Of course, the results matter, too. We’re transparent with you and will send you a full report each month, letting you know exactly what we’ve been working on and what the results are. Your SEO specialist will walk you through it all.

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Content marketing plays a big, big role, too.

In the section just above this one, we spoke about three pillars of SEO we work with to get you results. Two of those were relevancy and authority, and content is their best friend. Through content marketing, where we create content like blogs, articles, and guides, we can build that relevancy and authority.

SEO content takes time, research, and skill. It’s what our content writers are here for. Our Sydney SEO specialists work closely with our content team to produce next-level content for your website. It’s how we build loyal fans and soon-to-be customers for your business.

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Have a question about search engine optimisation?

The amount your SEO campaign costs will depend on a bunch of factors. What kind of industry are you in? How competitive is it? How is your website performing on search engines now? Do you just want to rank in one location? Do you need to rank on a national level? Or a local level? 

SEO comes down to a number of factors, and we couldn’t give you a price without a proper understanding of your business, industry, and goals.

If you are after a price, there’s no risk in booking a consultation with someone from our sales team.

It’s important to note that SEO is about the long game. If you’re looking for quick wins, this isn’t for you.

Generally, it’ll be three to six months before we start seeing real, impactful results. Algorithm updates and your competitors’ efforts and frequency of website updates will all impact how soon you see results.

Our SEO team goes above and beyond to find quick wins in those early months of your campaign.

SEO is how you can put your business in front of the right audience and be served up as a solution to their problems. 

It’s one of the best ways to send a steady stream of traffic to your website and get more visibility and hype around your business. 

The biggest reason SEO is important, though, is because the longer you invest for and work towards better results, the more cost-effective each enquiry you receive becomes. 

An easy one to answer!

  • We’re an award-winning SEO agency. We won a prize for SEO effectiveness in the Australian Web Awards.
  • We’re a long-standing Sydney SEO agency. We were established in 2006 and have helped thousands of clients since.
  • We keep a local team all across Australia, serving businesses in Sydney and all across the country.
  • Our team is committed to results. Our 5-star rating comes from our ability to deliver on what we promise.

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