New visitors are essential to your online business.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are the conduit through which a large percentage of the world’s internet traffic flows. To put this number in perspective, on Google alone over one hundred billion searches are performed every month. Wow!

That’s a truly staggering amount of people actively looking for information, and as a business with an online presence, it’s easy to see how important it is to be able to tap into this stream of potential customers. The better placed your website is in the search engine results, the more likely you are to receive new visitors, leads and sales through your website.

Partnering with a Brisbane SEO agency and investing in a well thought-out search strategy can improve your bottom line, and reduce spend on other forms of marketing too.

What is SEO?

The search engines rank websites based on many factors. Firstly, the keywords that the visitor enters into the search determine largely the websites that will appear in the search results. The age of your domain name, how many other websites link to you and how relevant your website content is all play a large part in determining just how high up the page you rank.

Optimising your website to take into consideration all these factors and providing the foundation to capture as many of these visitors is both and art and a science and finding the right people to handle this is critical to ongoing success.

seo-marketing-brisbaneOur team of search engine experts have many years of experience in keeping up to date with the latest optimisation techniques and effectively applying them to your site to give you the best possible chance for high rankings.

An extremely common misconception is that if you build a website the traffic will come. The often horrible truth is that even if you have a brilliant looking and functioning website, unless you invest time and energy into a search strategy it may be a long time before you even get your first visitor, let alone your first sale.

Like anything in life and business, you get out what you put in and search engine optimisation is no different. Investing in a well planned and well executed search engine strategy is investing in the success of your online business.

Planning an effective SEO strategy

Consistent results from search engine optimisation requires careful planning and execution, and a key part of achieving this is a rock-solid process, refined from years and years of results for our clients.

  • Search Engine Optimisation Setup

    • Auditing your current website for SEO opportunities
    • Creating an SEO strategy based on your budget and goals
    • Researching and determining commercially viable search queries to target through keyword research
    • Professional setup of your website for search optimisation, including semantic HTML coding and correct meta tag implementation across all pages
  • Ongoing SEO Campaign Maintenance

    • Monitoring your keyword performance in Google
    • Increasing your website’s authority through linkbuilding
    • Reporting on your performance, traffic statistics and demographics

“Before we started with Excite Media’s SEO service, not one of our keywords could be found on the first page of Google. Now, we have 10 of our top keywords on the first page of Google and all of those are in the top five results!” – Chris Raeburn
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Why SEO & Content Marketing is important for your business

Excite Media are the Brisbane SEO experts that not only specialise in delivering high quality results driven websites, but also providing clients with comprehensive Online Marketing solutions. Search Engine Marketing is arguably the most important aspect of any Internet Marketing campaign with the majority of searches utilizing results from the organic listings. Combine this with a content marketing plan and you’ll have a strong digital foundation you can leverage to drive sales and revenue into your business.

With website visibility becoming increasingly important, businesses should ensure that they have an expert Search Engine Marketing strategy in place.  People often attempt their own Internet Marketing, not always aware that without expert Online Marketing knowledge, they can in fact be doing more harm than good in relation to how the search engines view their site.

Excite Media has the proven Search Engine Marketing knowledge to improve your search engine visibility. Contact us today to discuss our SEO services and discover how to launch a results orientated SEO campaign for your business.

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