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Meet the Team

  • Nathanael HubbardNathanael Hubbard
    Nathanael Hubbard
    Managing Director
    Nathanael Hubbard

    Nathanael Hubbard

    Managing Director

    Nathanael is passionate about helping businesses dream big and succeed. His weapon of choice is digital marketing. When Nathanael isn’t meeting with clients or learning about business and marketing, he can be found writing songs or playing in his band The Reversals.

    • Nathanael enjoys nudging things one pixel at a time until they look ‘perfect’
    • Nathanael thinks he can predict the weather better than the professionals
  • Scott Maynard
    Technical Director

    Scott Maynard

    Technical Director

    Scott gave up his dream of being an olympic athlete when he realised that he had no discernible sporting talent. Fortunately he’s found a rewarding role at Excite Media, where you’ll find him manning the BBQ, or working in the “Geek Zone” where he manages the technical team.

    • Scott once drank a whole bottle of mint sauce
    • Scott (along with 3 other Excite team members) broke a Guinness World Record for the longest ever darts marathon
    • Scott’s “Useless Skill” is catching items that fall out of the fridge
    • Scott’s hobbies include, drums, guitar, soccer, golf and speed-clicking.
    • Scott’s car was once used in an ad! It was the ‘before’ image for a lottery advertisement.
  • Chris Taylor
    Production Team Manager

    Chris Taylor

    Production Team Manager

    “Adversity”:  A difficult or unpleasant situation.

    Chris’ definition of Adversity:
    A Collingwood supporter living in Brisbane.

    The above has given Chris a strong ability to develop long lasting relationships (even in the case of AFL related abuse), and perhaps this is the reason that Chris has been appointed as Excite Media’s Production Team Manager.

    • Chris is part of the Excite Media team that broke the Guinness World Record for the longest ever game of darts.
    • Chris is the founder of the office saying: “a splash of flash”
  • Shane Rose
    People & Culture

    Shane Rose

    People & Culture

    Shane is our resident Online Marketing Specialist. He divides his time between leading our Online Marketing team, Project Management and constant learning to keep up-to-date with this ever changing industry. Get to know Shane and you’re sure to be told a story that takes a lot longer to tell than it should. You’ll probably hear him talking about The Mighty Hawks, his skills as a local Social Netball legend or the latest music he is listening to (ask him about his “5 listen guarantee”).

    • On the weekends, if he’s not donning some lycra and hitting the roads on his bicycle then you’ll probably find him camping or at the beach
  • Jordie Sampieri
    Web Designer

    Jordie Sampieri

    Web Designer

    Jordie is our coffee addicted designer, who loves to create practical and elegant designs for our clients. Besides spending time with her two dogs Pixie and Wilson and her vintage cat Smoochy, Jordie is also a serious gamer who can’t get enough of Japanese culture and design.

    • Jordie is an avid Final Fantasy fan.
    • Jordie is still half-heartedly trying to learn Japanese. Kon-ni-chi… ahh forget it…
  • Andrew Pitchford
    Digital Strategist

    Andrew Pitchford

    Digital Strategist

    Old man Pitchford is our Digital Strategist, with a 20 year broadcasting career connected to management roles in marketing and communications.

    A true early adopter that loves swimming in the technology space, Andrew is highly regarded as a public speaker across marketing and non-profit interests.

    • Andrew is a movie addict and the original “Family Guy” who built his first website in ’95.
    • With his four children now grown up, his new brood is a collection of Pop Culture Pop Vinyl collectibles.
  • Lee Wallis
    Digital Marketing Consultant

    Lee Wallis

    Digital Marketing Consultant

    Lee, our very own British expatriate (yep, he’s a pom), understands how to transform an under-performing website into an online lead generating machine! With over 10 years experience in the digital marketing industry, Lee spends his time amongst our webIQ team, continuously optimising websites to generate more leads and sales for our clients.

    • Lee knows when you’re bluffing at the poker table.
    • Lee’s travels have taken him to Spain, Turkey, Cyprus, Italy, India, Japan, Indonesia and of course his new home, Australia. Next stop… Las Vegas!
    • Lee is obsessed with the digital currency Bitcoin and believes one day his Bitcoin stash will be worth millions.
  • Zoe Wyton
    Admin & Accounts

    Zoe Wyton

    Admin & Accounts

    Zoe is our head number cruncher here at Excite Media, taking care of all the accounting and payroll and keeping everyone else in line. When not balancing ledgers, Zoe spends time with her three boys, sewing, reading or doing yoga.

    • Zoe was born in Western Australia and will always be a West Aussie at heart.
    • Zoe is a bit of a Disney Dork & would love to go to Disneyland one day.
    • Zoe just celebrated her 10 year wedding anniversary in the Maldives.
We’re a friendly bunch of peeps, why not get to know all of us?
  • How would you rate the quality of your finished project?

    We’re absolutely thrilled with the site and the entire collaborative experience with Excite Media. In fact, I’ve been singing their praises whenever an opportunity presents itself.

    Christine Houghton, Cell Logic



  • How did you feel about working with the team at Excite Media?

    Excite Media gave a professional front to my small business. They are the only organisation I know that actually deliver when they say they will.

    Jan Hogarth, Placemate



  • Is there anything that Excite Media could have improved during your project?

    To make cakes push through the screen every time I hit the home button. Other than that, nothing. Although, I have no doubt that if anybody could have made the cake thing happen, it would be Excite Media.

    Karen Young, Hey Sigmund


About Excite Media

Excite Media are Brisbane based web designers that have been producing high quality website design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Google AdWords campaigns for over 10 years. With over 1,200 websites being professionally designed and built, the Excite Media team of web designers and fellow professionals can offer the perfect solution for your next website design project.

We are based in Petrie Terrace, Brisbane but if you can’t make it to our office for a website consultation, don’t worry! Whether your business is based in Indooroopilly, Kenmore, Taringa, Toowong, Milton, Brisbane CBD or beyond, we can bring our web design expertise to you.

Case StudyPetra Data Science

With their amazing patented technology, Petra Data Science are making huge waves in the industry for their incredible insight into geology using data mined from their clients. See what I did there? The design team here at Excite Media embraced the challenge to showcase a large amount of information in a visually impressive, yet easy to use manner and the end result speaks for itself. From branding and logo design to custom staff photography, the Petra Data Science project was a massive success from start to finish.

  • Wordfence Plugin: Saving the Internet One Security Flaw at a Time

    On the second of September this year, without most of the world knowing, one of the most significant threats to internet security was discovered. While business continued as most for most, the good folks over at Wordfence uncovered a major security flaw that had the potential to throw a significant portion of the internet into complete disarray. 

    Five days after the Wordfence security plugin identified the vulnerability, a solution was issued to tackle the problem immediately. By the 21st of September, threats were no longer present to sites and the investigation was concluded./p>

    Only recently this information has been disclosed, but consumers want to know how they can protect themselves against a similar attack. Read the full article…

  • Site Speed – Making or Breaking Your Website

    It’s a very rare person who would tell you that a slow website doesn’t grind their gears.

    In fact, there is absolutely no one in the Excite Media Team who would happily twiddle their thumbs and watch wheels spin while a website loads. We live in a fast-paced world where we want things sooner rather than later. That’s why page speed is so critical to a good user experience (UX).

    It doesn’t matter how great the content is, how flashy the graphics are, or even if you have an ace video playing – speed is key.  Read the full article…

  • Going the Distance for our Remote Clients

    Learning our client’s business through complete immersion, Web Project Manager Polina, travelled to the Northern Territory

    A couple of weeks ago I had the unique opportunity to steal away from my desk at Excite and head to the outback for one of my clients. I was invited by the Laynhapuy Homelands Aboriginal Corporation (Laynha) to visit a number of their remote sites in the Northern Territory. To say I jumped at the opportunity is a bit of an understatement!

    The type of project Laynha had in mind posed some real challenges and understanding precisely how the group integrated with the local community was critical to fully comprehending what they were trying to achieve. Read the full article…

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