What makes our websites different?

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What makes our websites different?
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To cut to the chase, we learn about your business and create a website that speaks directly to the wants and needs of your customers, to get you as many leads as you can handle. It sounds simple, but getting the recipe right takes years of experience 😊

We’ve been developing the right recipe for a little over 15 years now. This is what it looks like…

By now, we all know that if you want your business to get noticed (and sell) online, then you need to have a website. But, it’s not just the website that achieves this. It’s all the different components, like the design, the copywriting and keywords, the experience, and whether or not Google can crawl it properly.

Shopping for a new website? There are a lot of web design agencies around Brisbane – it can be pretty overwhelming to sift through us all. At Excite Media, our websites are different, and not to sound like we’re full of ourselves, but we think they’re better, too 😉

We don’t just focus on design or just the conversion rate optimisation. We’ve created the ideal process so our team can make sure your website ticks every box it should.

What makes our websites different?

Our design is well-thought-out. That means that we don’t start designing until we know who you are, what your goals are, and who your audience is.

Your digital marketing consultant will learn all about your business so they can brief your project team ahead of the project’s kick-off. Then, we dive deeper through our onboarding process. It includes you filling in a survey about your business before coming into our office for our kick-off meeting. Here, we go through your survey responses, learning more and more about your business, your audience, and why you’re their perfect match.

In this meeting, we’ll have a user experience (UX) expert sit in and create a wireframe for your homepage. They’ll do this on the fly as you talk about your products or services, the benefits of your business, and let us in on what motivates your audience best.

Once the wireframe is ready, we’ll run through it with you. This gives us a chance to make sure we’ve understood your business correctly. It also means we can provide you with some education, taking you behind the ‘why’ in every decision we’ve made and setting expectations for the rest of the project.

We’ve developed clever processes so we can deliver better websites that hit all the right benchmarks 🏋️‍♀️

We’re big on processes at Excite Media, and our website production process is sleek. We’ve developed it in line with the different boxes we’re trying to tick for design, copywriting, user experience, SEO, technical aspects, and more. 

The process doesn’t just make sure we get it right, though. It makes sure we get it done fast, too. So, while a copywriter is writing your website copy, a developer is already working on the technical aspects of your website.

Even better, our website process is always improving. We’re constantly updating it in line with evolving industry standards, design best practices, and improving efficiencies.

What makes our websites different?

Conversion-ready website design, using our framework for success 🧠

We don’t produce copy-pasted websites, but we do closely follow a website framework we’ve developed. So, when we sit down to plan your website, we’re not starting from scratch or reinventing the wheel. 

We’re organising the different elements of your business into a framework we know works. (It’s so good that we use the same framework for our own website 😉)

People obviously love well-designed, beautiful websites. These websites need more than just pretty looks to convert, though. We use user experience concepts, conversion rate optimisation techniques, and our tried and trusted framework to develop a website that is ready to convert. Don’t worry; it’ll be well-designed and beautiful, too.

How our web designers produce results 👇

Giving the user what they want

We give your website visitors, or users, what they want. They don’t want to search too hard to enquire, so we make sure it’s simple for them to enquire at any time. They want proof, so we provide testimonials, case studies, and more. And everything they want to find? It’s exactly where they expect it to be – but we’ll go further into this when we chat about the user experience (it’s coming!).

Providing a compelling offer or reason to convert

The classic “contact us” or “get in touch” leaves a lot of unknowns for your website visitor. How do they contact you? Who will they talk to? Will they have to pay upfront? We provide a compelling offer or a reason to convert. It could be as simple as, “Book your obligation-free chat” or as compelling and exciting as, “New subscriptions in July get their first month for free.”

Removing risk

We’re sure your business is great, but for your website visitors – engaging you is still a risk. They want to know you offer what they want, you’re a real company, run by real people, and that they’re not going to get ripped off. We use subtle clues and personalise your brand to remove that risk.

What makes our websites different?

We think the user experience through (we test it and everything) 👩‍💻

We place a strong emphasis on the user experience of your website. Simply put, user experience is the experience the user has on your website. Can they find what they’re looking for? Does the layout of your website match their expectations? Is the user able to navigate through your website without distraction or friction?

These points are really important. If the user can’t find the menu on your website, how are they going to get in touch with you, let alone find what they want?

Our team stays across the latest best practices in UX so we can make sure your website visitors can easily navigate your website and find exactly what they’re looking for.

But our websites look really good, too 🎨

Our web designers invest a lot of time in your website, working out how to communicate your message and point of difference simply while educating your visitors on your products or services. But the appearance of your website counts too.

We’ll create a design that echoes your brand – whether it needs to be elegant, edgy, sophisticated, or friendly and approachable. How the website ‘feels’ to you is an important metric for us, too. We want you to walk away from your website project with a site you love and are proud of. 

Your confidence in the website and how it presents to the market has a massive flow-on effect on everyone involved in your business. So, we won’t just design something we love. We’ll make sure you love it, too.

As a business owner, you’re usually a little too close to your brand and its identity. So, we act as a sounding board that you can bounce your ideas off. From the typography and imagery to the colours and iconography, we create a feeling of trust and belief in your brand.

Responsive design: we make sure it looks good on all devices 📱

As of May 2022, 52.7% of all web traffic comes through mobile devices.

That means more than one in two of your website visitors are probably viewing your website on their phones.

Building websites responsively ensures that no matter what size or shape screen users are viewing your website on, it will always look amazing and work perfectly.

What makes our websites different?

Quality assurance: we QA test every website three times 🏅

We run three quality assurance checks throughout the process of your website project. 

The first check is after the design of your website has been completed. This check ensures everything has been set up correctly and that we’re on the right track.

The second check comes after development – here, we make sure your website is perfectly responsive, it’s easy to navigate, and looks good.

The third check is just before we launch the website. Someone who hasn’t worked on your project before comes in with fresh eyes, and they sift through every element of the website. They read every word, click every button and link, and put your website through the QA ringer. 

This allows us to catch any small typos, missing links, or simple mistakes before your website enters the world wide web. Each of these quality assurance checks has a checklist fit with more than 30 points to tick off.

Your website is future-proofed 🚀

Your website will be built on WordPress, a really robust CMS (content management system) solution – world-leading, in fact. WordPress is the most popular CMS for good reason. 

Building with WordPress future-proofs your website. No matter what the future holds, your website will be supported, and you’ll always be able to update it with ease.

What makes our websites different?

You can update your website yourself. We’ll even show you how ⚒

Like we said before, your website is built on WordPress – which is excellent news for its longevity and security. Within WordPress, we’ll use Elementor to build the pages. Elementor is really simple to navigate, allowing you to edit your website copy, change images, and more as you need to. 

Planning to post content like case studies or any other piece that follows the same layout and format for each post? We don’t want you to have to create a new page every time. 

So, we’ll develop a Custom Post Type (CPT) on your website. The term Custom Post Type can be a bit confusing, to simplify it, it’s a custom module for repeatable content on your website. We might create a custom module to upload your case studies or a custom module to post photos to your project gallery. 

These specify the fields you need to fill in – whether just a headline and body text or several fields covering things like the pricing or the year the project was completed, for example. 

Then when you’re done, you just hit ‘Publish’, and a fully-designed case study is live on your website. Once your website goes live, your project manager will send you a video running you through how to do it all.

We take a best-practice approach to security and maintenance 🔓

We don’t use off-the-shelf themes to build your website. 

These themes usually come with bloatware – a fancy word for software that takes up a lot of space, slowing your website down and making it less useful. They also usually have inevitable security vulnerabilities – whether they become known within months or years of your website going live. 

Our websites are built from the ground up with security in mind from the get-go. We’re mindful of the plugins we choose and their associated risks. Once your website is launched, we set you up with a post-launch maintenance plan, scheduling maintenance items to ensure your website continues to work well.

They’re SEO- & digital marketing-ready 📈

Google uses thousands of different algorithms to make sure that when you search for something on Google, the right websites come up for you. We play the game, and we stay across the algorithm updates – roughly 500-600 each year. 

We’re mindful of these, ensuring that your website ticks all of Google’s constantly updating boxes. So, we build with SEO in mind to make sure your website is set up to rank from the very start.

This means we optimise each website, making sure it loads fast, is compatible with all browsers and operating systems, and offers a seamless experience to your users. We lay the best foundations for any future SEO campaigns.

Our websites are digital marketing-ready, too. There’s nothing worse than starting a digital marketing campaign and finding out that your website isn’t designed to convert. 

Whether you’ve already selected us for your digital marketing or you’re taking your new website to another agency, it’ll be set up to convert any leads your campaign provides.

The aftercare (actually, ExciteCare) 💚

It’s important to us that your website remains safe and backed up, offering you peace of mind for years to come. 

We offer ExciteCare, where we check your website routinely. We make sure your website is up to date, so it continues to work with no bugs. We make sure that there are no security vulnerabilities on your website, too, giving you peace of mind.

We have three monthly packages available, and you can chat with our team to find a package that suits you and your website.

Our Founder & Director, Scott explains the value of ExciteCare 👇

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