550% ROI: Labelling Ultra a Fast Digital Marketing Success

550% ROI: Labelling Ultra a Fast Digital Marketing Success
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We met Ultra earlier this year when we began working with them on a new website.

The goal, initially, was to create a website that would become a home for plenty of content marketing goodness. Oh, and generate plenty of new business through a new and improved shopfront (website).

Soon after the launch of their website, though, we ran straight into a digital marketing campaign.

And in just three months (more like two and a half 💅) of working with Ultra, we achieved a 576.23% ROI.

That’s a return of more than fives time their investment 🎉

It’s been magic ever since ✨

Want to find out how we did it?

Let’s run through it 👇

We started with a full website revamp 🏗

When we first met Ultra, it quickly became clear they were behind some of the most recognisable and iconic labels in Australia. Think the likes of MooGoo, Ethical Nutrients, and Black Hops, along with some of Barossa Valley’s finest wineries.

website seo case study

Ultra needed a website that demonstrated their impact and standing in the industry

Their website wasn’t quite showing this, though. While their website at the time was presenting a small local business, Ultra was actually a three-office company with national capabilities and was leading the way in their industry.

It was our job to create a new website for the labels team that demonstrated, firstly, the sheer quality and scope of the labels created and, secondly, presented Ultra as a professional brand – one with a national presence and the best service in the industry.

They needed a platform to support their plans for content marketing, too ✏️

Ultra had identified content marketing as a serious opportunity for their brand.

Content marketing is an amazing digital marketing channel that directly feeds into inbound marketing campaigns and SEO campaigns.

On the inbound marketing side, it’s about creating valuable content – the kind your customers (or potential customers) are looking for.

It attracts new visitors to the website, provides them with plenty of value, and leads to your brand being planted in their heads as not only an authority on the topic, but a good one, who’s willing to share value and help them out.

On the other hand, content marketing is great for SEO. Google loves content, especially well-crafted, valuable content. So, by combining content marketing principles with the clever inclusion of keywords, you can make your blog posts a winning marketing strategy all on their own.

🚀 We launched the website on the 21st of April this year. Ultra was stoked with the final result of their website launch.


With the new website in tow, we kicked off a digital marketing campaign 🖥

The new Marketing Manager, Tess, hit the ground running to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to guide the business to better brand recognition, sales, and general success.

Luckily for us, we received a well-researched and strategic brand and marketing strategy from Tess.

She’d planned their entire strategy, including their target demographics, breaking them up into the following:

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare



Contract Packers / Distributors/ Manufacturing Hubs

By defining each of these audiences and including all the things that make them tick, we can create content that appeals to each of these four people.

Content Marketing

Tess had created a comprehensive content marketing strategy ready to go, too.

We receive a plan (and a half). The types of content had been planned, and the team at Ultra had given us a brief overview of their content calendar.

They’d even planned the user’s content journey – e.g. where the users are in their buying journeys to be consuming different content pieces. It’s planning for the different users and where they’re at in their label buying journey…

A user who has been buying labels for a while might want to know more about the latest embossing technique, whereas a user who’s at the beginning of their journey might just want to know what on earth “prepress” means.

Above all, Ultra wanted to distinguish themselves. They wanted to position their brand as the go-to, the label printer and supplier you choose when you want the very best


With content marketing efforts feeding directly into Ultra’s success, we had all the right tools for some SEO wins.

In new digital marketing campaigns, we like to work with the client and find out exactly what they want to pay the most attention to.

So, for Ultra, we kicked into gear, focusing on ranking for the wine labelling keywords first. This was a good place to start because the search volume for these terms is already great.

Keywords 🔑

We’ve been chuffed with the keyword results we’ve achieved for Ultra so far. The organic keywords the website is ranking for are at an all-time high

ultralabels graph

In the short time since we kicked the SEO campaign off, we’ve improved the position of 119 keywords. And in the top 10 keywords that have improved, there are some goodies:

ultralabels keywords

Obviously, we’re thrilled to have nabbed some of those wine labelling keywords we knew Ultra were after.

We achieved these results by optimising the wine labelling page first. This means assessing the existing page and finding all the different ways we can improve it – additional content, better keyword inclusion, increasing readability, and so on.

And since we did that? The number of keywords that the page is ranking for has been steadily increasing

ultralabels organic seo graph


We’ve been increasing the total number of impressions, too. This is the number of times Google searchers see the website in search results.



Along with optimising the content and website for Ultra, we needed to optimise the website’s authority. This is an off-page SEO technique where we build high-authority backlinks to the website.

Backlinks tell Google that other websites back up your content, by referring to it. So, the better the website referring the link, the better the SEO juice you receive.

We built some high-authority links, resulting in extra domain authority benefits for Ultra.

550% ROI graph

Google Ads

Google Ads is our favourite way to fast-track digital marketing results.

It’s the channel we love for quick wins. And Ultra is no different. By September, we saw the second-best cost per click and highest clicks since the account became active.

In September, we were under Ultra’s daily budget. The focus became spotting the areas of the account that were performing well and increasing visibility in those areas.

The idea was to generate even more clicks and conversions. Now, though, they’re back at their daily budget, and there is room to increase it.

From here, we’ll be having discussions with the Ultra team on where they want to go next.

Do they want to continue to bring in more business? Or do they want to generate the same business but for cheaper? Do they want to expand their target areas?

Since August? We’ve seen a 22% increase in clicks.


From May to October, we saw some brilliant numbers

Cost Per Click

The Cost Per Click (CPC) is the price paid for each click on the ad.


Cost per click


Cost per click


This is the number of clicks the ad generated. As in, how many times did someone click on the ad to open the website or shop link.






Projected Clicks

Cost Per Conversion

The Cost Per Conversion is how much each conversion cost. So, say you had 200 clicks, at a $2 Cost Per Click, but only five people actually enquired. The Cost Per Conversion would be $80.


Cost per conversion


Cost per conversion


Cost per conversion


12 per month on average
What we define as a conversion will vary from campaign to campaign. In this case, we’re considering a website enquiry a conversion.





The Results 📈

We kicked off the digital marketing campaign in May. To be specific, we started Google Ads on the 13th of May and SEO on the 26th of May (so, basically, June).

By the 1st of August, Tess got in touch with us to let us know that we were onto something. She said that through our SEO and Google Ads campaigns, we’d provided them with some pretty strong growth for their business.

Yup, since we’d been running these campaigns in May, we’d nabbed Ultra so many new orders that they’d achieved a 550% return on their marketing spend.

Tess continued, “We still have a lot of orders sitting in quotes, and I’m confident 50% of these will convert.”

“Marketing spend” includes the retainer paid to Excite Media, and the ad spend in Google Ads. So, we achieved a 550% Return on Investment (ROI) for Ultra in just two and a half months. To give some context to the numbers, if Ultra had spent just $100, that would have been a return of $550. How good is digital marketing?!

QUICK UPDATE: Since the time of writing this case study, Ultra gave us an update.

By the end of the year, the business ended up with an ROI of 760% – including the management fee.

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