Sometimes Client Cancellations are a Good Thing

Sometimes Client Cancellations are a Good Thing
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At Excite Media, we want all of our clients to stay with us for the long haul to continue growing their businesses. But every business owner has their own goal for their business to create their ideal work environment and lifestyle. There’s a sweet spot in business, and there’s a lot of value in knowing where yours is.

Don’t get us wrong… We’re sad when our clients cancel their marketing campaigns or scale them down — but it’s not always a bad thing. 

Here are some we can’t help but celebrate 🎉

ASAP Gardeners came on board with us in July of 2021. The business had been having a tough time with its marketing. They were in a niche in the gardening industry — working solely in the commercial space where there was a pretty small search volume for their services. It meant that competition was high.

The owner, Darren, had been having to work as a gardener himself — limiting the time he had to work on his business. Darren had been left feeling burnt out from their previous marketing experiences. So, we hit the ground running, firstly defining what sort of enquiries the business wanted, and out of those enquiries, which would offer the business the best revenue.

After all, ASAP Gardeners were investing in us to create real revenue in their business. So, those one-off jobs like tree lopping weren’t going to cut it (pun intended… sorry).

We discovered that Garden Maintenance was the bread and butter service. It offered consistent, predictable work with a neat return. So, we made these kinds of enquiries the priority.

Our team created a landing page with the sole focus of selling ASAP Gardeners’ Garden Maintenance services.

We included all the essentials:

The selling points

The copy was created not only to sell the quality and reliability of ASAP Gardeners’ service but to get business owners who were unsure of commercial maintenance generally, across the line.

Attracting and retaining business, saving on groundskeepers or team members DIYing, and the “set-and-forget” nature of these services were some of the selling points we wanted to push.

Sometimes Client Cancellations are a Good Thing

The proof

The proof is so important for a landing page. Displaying proof on the page — like recognisable logos and Google Reviews works to eliminate doubts on the spot.

We included a logo carousel, displaying some of the impressive clients they’d worked with in the past: XXXX Gold, Stratacare, St Leo’s College, and Everton Park Plaza. As soon as the user landed on the page, they knew they were in good company.

Sometimes Client Cancellations are a Good Thing

An enticing offer

As part of our marketing strategies, we always consider the Lifetime Value (CLV) of a client. For ASAP Gardeners, the LFV of a single client is somewhere between $20,000 and $260,000.

We created an offer for a Free Garden Reset for any client who signed up for a six-month contract. These free resets were a small investment that the team would win back through the sale of the contract.

Sometimes Client Cancellations are a Good Thing

Effective call to actions

We included a ‘Free Site Visit’ offer, taking the “risk” out of enquiring with ASAP Gardeners.

Sometimes Client Cancellations are a Good Thing

Then, we amplified it through an SEO & Google Ads campaign 📣

With the client’s ideal services in mind and a list of corresponding keywords, we got to work with SEO and Google Ads. At the time, Google Ads was the priority. We knew ASAP Gardeners had struggled to gain leads through digital marketing in the past, so we really wanted to secure some quick wins.

Five days after the campaign launch, we got some good news 🎉

Just five days after the launch of ASAP Gardeners’ campaign, we got some really good news. They received a once-off job from a large media corporation here in Brisbane, with the potential for an ongoing contract. Then, just a week after, we got more good news. The business had picked up a $21,000 contract for a new complex, and had another three enquiries to respond to.

From December to February, we saw these quick wins 👇

increase in conversions
25 %
improvement in cost per conversion
25 %
improvement in cost per click
25 %

ASAP Gardeners began growing 🌿

Late in 2021, they let us know how much growth they’d had. ASAP Gardeners had successfully implemented a price increase and had hired new landscapers. Best of all? Their Owner and Director, Darren, told us he was back managing the business more than ever.

Then they cancelled & we took that as a win

In just six months of digital marketing, ASAP Gardeners had transformed the business. They were bringing in more leads than ever before and had established a solid business foundation.

Due to the nature of their business relying on that ongoing, contracted work — ASAP Gardeners had reached their goal for retainer clients, meaning they’d hit that sweet spot we mentioned earlier. They decided to cancel their marketing — in the best way.

ASAP Gardeners is just one example of a happy client cancellation. Here are some other Excite Media clients who’ve asked us to slow down 👇

MKL Pressure Cleaning hit their goals in just six months 🥅

MKL Pressure Cleaning came on with us for six months of SEO. In that time, we managed to secure top spots for most of the business’ bread and butter keywords. This translated into a 25-30 per cent increase in the number of users and sessions on the website.

In August of 2021, we put a pause on SEO as the team had plenty of business coming in.

Sometimes Client Cancellations are a Good Thing

Aligning our strategy with Align Kitchens 📏

Our first objective with Align KitchensFacebook Ads campaign was the same as all the others — to generate as many quality leads as we could. We wanted to send ready-to-purchase renovation customers to the client’s landing page where they’d request a quote.

Early in May, the team at Align Kitchens reached out to let us know they had too many leads. In fact, in May this year, their waitlist was extended into next year. They asked if we could scale the campaign down.

With a clear understanding of the Align team’s goals and vision for their company, we suggested something different.

We recommended a campaign focusing on engagement and likes, rather than leads. This way, we’re building their audience and engaging with potential future customers — but for now, we’re building trust and interest.

It means when Align Kitchens is ready to take on new leads again, they’ll have an engaged and nurtured audience, ready to get their quotes.

align kitchen website

A scaled strategy for DR Main Floors ⚖️

We’ve managed DR Main Floors’ SEO and Google Ads for almost 10 years now. To suit their goals as a business, we scale our campaigns to match their workload. 

Whenever the DR Main Floors team reaches capacity, they let us know and we take the right steps to slow down those enquiries. 

This means reducing the amount we spend on ads, often going down to a $10 per day budget.

D.R Main Floors homepage

The Highlights 👇

In December last year and January this year, we saw these wins:

The daily budget went from a high of $1,166 (Oct 2016) to a low of $181.82
$ 150
Cost per conversion went from a high of $122.24 (Jan 2016) to $10.15
$ 0
Cost per click went from a high of $5.76 (July 2019) to $1.88
$ 0

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