Fig Tree Children – Bringing Community Spirit to Sierra Leone

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The Fig Tree Children – an Excite Media partner

The Fig Tree Children is a charity founded by an ex-Excite team member, Jane Shakespeare. Jane’s working with orphaned and vulnerable children in Sierra Leone, partnering them with carers to make sure they get the care, education and sense of family they need. Excite is partnering with the Fig Tree Children to help them plan an Easter celebration for their sponsor children and they need your help to get there.

The Excite Media team have kicked off donations and are now offering our expertise and time to the first 24 business to donate $100.

Who Are The Fig Tree Children?

The Fig Tree Children are a Brisbane-based charity supporting orphaned and vulnerable children in Sierra Leone. In a country with more than 70% of people living below the poverty line, basic needs such as: food, water, clothing, shoes and medicines often go unmet. Access to education is even more scarce.

The Fig Tree Children work to identify the most at risk and needy children, endeavouring to meet their basic needs and provide access to education. This Easter, The Fig Tree Children are calling on the business community to help bring an Easter celebration to the children they support, their carers and in-country volunteers.

Easter in Sierra Leone and the Fig Tree Family

Easter in Sierra Leone is a valued time of year where people get together like family. There are strong feelings of kinship and togetherness around their celebrations. It is an opportunity for those in the community to come together, share food, catch up with each other and enjoy the chance to come together.

The Fig Tree Family is made up of 51 sponsored children, 50 children on the sponsorship waiting list, careers and volunteers. Despite The Fig Tree Family being scattered all over the country, there is a deep sense of camaraderie and pride in being a member of that family.

Unfortunately, because of distance, The Fig Tree Family will never meet unless there is an active effort to bring them together. Bringing everyone together for such a treasured celebration will bring them all together and continue to build the community spirit. Reminding everyone that they are not alone, that people far and wide do care about them.

Doing Your Bit

We are donating our time and free brand exposure to the first 24 business who donate $100. On top of a social media spruik, we will develop SEO backlinks from our website to yours. The Excite Media website receives over 4,500 page views per month, and it is constantly growing. An SEO backlink from our high-authority site to yours is a valuable digital marketing tool.

So don’t miss the opportunity to make a difference, help The Fig Tree Children and get something more than just a warm fuzzy feeling. Donate today through their MyCause crowdfunding campaign.

The Easter Surprisers

Add your businesses to our list of Easter party appeal sponsors.

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