ExciteCare FAQ

What is ExciteCare?

ExciteCare is Excite Media’s WordPress maintenance service. It’s designed to keep your website safe and secure, with a solid recovery plan if the worst were to happen. It also covers software licenses for third party plugins (saving hundreds per year!), as well as phone and email support to help you get the most out of your website. More information on the inclusions of the different ExciteCare plans can be found here.

Why is a service like ExciteCare important?

An unmaintained website is an open invitation to viruses and malware. With the rise of worldwide hacking attempts each year, it is becoming increasingly important to perform regular maintenance to keep your website safe and secure. You’ve invested in your new website to help your business – you don’t want to risk it becoming a liability by overlooking these preventative maintenance items. It’s also important to ensure you have a backup/recovery plan in place if the worst were to happen – this is all part of the ExciteCare service.

Will my website really be hacked if it isn’t maintained?

With an estimated 90,978 website hacking attempts happening per minute worldwide, it is imperative that your website is regularly maintained. Most successful hacking attempts come from unmaintained websites with out of date software. In a nutshell, most websites will eventually become hacked if left unmaintained.

Is WordPress an insecure platform?

WordPress is just as secure as most other website platforms. However, WordPress is the world’s most popular platform (with good reason!), which also makes it the most popular target for hacking attempts. WordPress is also a highly extensible platform, meaning plugins from third parties can be added to enhance the core functionality. This makes it absolutely critical to stay on top of security announcements across the entire plugin eco-system.

Should I be worried!?

Short answer “No” with an “If”…. long answer “Yes” with a “But”!

If you have a solid maintenance plan in place, there’s no need to worry. A solid maintenance plan covers both preventative care and a disaster recovery plan. If you have these in place, you can have peace of mind that you’ve minimised the chance of any issues, and you have a plan in place to recover if the worst were to happen.

What type of support enquiries does ExciteCare cover? 

We’re here to assist with any questions about how to use your website or how to navigate the WordPress Dashboard. Examples of some requests include: asking for help adding a new blog post or how to edit a particular section of your site you’re unsure of.
You may email our support team or call us via 1300 392 483 with requests like these – we’re here to help!

What’s an example of a free bug-fix within the 3 month warranty?

If we’ve just built your website and there’s some outstanding issues or oversights we’re happy to help resolve these for you, free of charge. For any bug fixes falling outside this period, please read our Additional Work section.

Why is there a limited warranty period for bugs? Shouldn’t you fix them no matter when they surface?

The WordPress platform, associated plugins, and web technologies are always evolving, meaning that new features are always being introduced. However, this also means that unforeseeable bugs can surface due to changes in the way that these things interact with each other. As part of our ExciteCare service, we will usually allocate some initial free time to help diagnose the error, however the resolution may require additional billable work.

What is “specialised plugin support” and “woocommerce support”, and what does it include?

Updates and support for specialised plugins like “Store Locator Plus”, “The Event Calendar” and “WooCommerce” are included as part of the Ultimate ExciteCare package. Alternatively, if you are not on the Ultimate package but would still like us to update and support these plugins, we can do this for you on an ad-hoc basis for an additional fee.

What’s included in my ExciteCare package and what is charged as additional work?

ExciteCare covers preventative maintenance such as software updates, security, monitoring and backups. If you’d like our team to make changes to your website’s content or functionality, or to resolve issues caused by third party plugins, we can provide you with a quote for our team to complete this additional work.

There are a few payment methods you may choose from:
– If you are on ExciteCare Security+ or Ultimate, you can choose to use the included time available with your plan for the month (note: this time doesn’t roll over from month to month)
– Hourly: Post-paid at end of month.
– Pre-paid block of hours. If you don’t have any or have run out of your monthly hours (if your plan includes it), you may purchase blocks of hourly credits to cover any future work you’d like us to do. These hours are valid for 12 months.
– Fixed quote. Depending on the nature of the work, we may be able to provide you with a fixed quote for the work.

What’s a Rush Fee? 

Rush Fees may be applicable if you’d like for something to happen sooner than the timeframe we’ve quoted. In these cases we may be able to arrange for your work to “jump the queue” so it gets completed sooner, but we’ll need to check if we have the capacity at the time. Generally the “Rush Fee” is an additional 50% on top of the regular fee. Pre-paid credits may be used to cover this.

Do you cover the cost of plugin licenses?

Our ExciteCare plans include licenses to thousands of dollars worth of commercial plugins. This saves you money and time as you don’t need to pay for these monthly/annual licenses yourself, and don’t need to manage the licensing process. Ask our team if you’d like a list of included licenses.

What if something breaks on my site?

If you are on an ExciteCare plan and something goes wrong on your site, we’ll spend up to an hour free of charge diagnosing the problem to find the cause. If we determine it was caused by our team, we’ll keep working for free until it’s fixed! If it’s not a problem caused by us (or we’re unsure), we’ll let you know that we’ve spent the free hour, and ask for approval for us to keep going on an hourly billable basis. If we discover that the problem was caused by our team there will be no charge. If it turns out to be an issue caused by a third party plugin, or by something outside of Excite Media’s control, then we’ll bill for the time spent beyond the first hour. We’ll always keep you updated as we progress towards diagnosing the issue to ensure you’re comfortable with the approach.

What if I want a change made to the site?

If you are on our “Security+” or “Ultimate” plan you have included time available to use towards requesting our team to make changes to your website. Email your changes through to our support team and we will send you a time estimate to complete the work. If the time is less than your package’s included time, there won’t be any additional charge for this work. If you are on our “Basics” package or not on our ExciteCare service, any changes are billed at our hourly rate.

What else can my package’s “included time” be used for?

This can be used for any changes you would like throughout the month. It can also be used for time that would normally be billable in diagnosing/fixing problems beyond our “first hour free” policy (unless of course we caused the problem, in which case there would be no charge). Please note that unused included time does not roll over to the next month.

Something funny happened after updates, aren’t you meant to pick this up?

As part of our ExciteCare maintenance we conduct visual checks to detect any errors/changes on your site after we’ve made software updates. While we take as much care as possible with our checks – please keep in mind that nobody knows your site better than you! We’ll send you an email notification after we’ve made updates, so this is a good time for you to double check your website for any subtle errors our team may not have detected.

Why isn’t this website issue covered by ExciteCare

As with all technology, things can go wrong! If there are issues with your website that aren’t caused by plugin updates by our team through our ExciteCare maintenance, the first thing to do is to let us know about the problem. We will first need to investigate to find the cause. As above we will spend up to an hour investigating the issue for free.

These are some examples of what can cause these issues:
– Installing a new plugin that has a conflict with an existing plugin
– A plugin changing how it interacts with an external service or what APIs it requires
– An outdated version of PHP becoming incompatible with WordPress.

Once the root cause of the issue is discovered we can then advise you on the fix. This type of work can often fall outside of the scope of ExciteCare so we may provide you with an hourly estimate for us to complete the work. “Included time” in your ExciteCare package can also be used to cover this type of work.

I’m getting LOTS of spam from my website’s forms. What can be done?

Nobody likes spam, however as time goes on spammers get better at getting past captchas and other spam prevention tools on your forms. If you are on our Security+ or Ultimate plans, we include advanced spam protection at no additional cost! We can create a custom spam filter for your website using our in-house developed spam prevention system. If you are on our Basics plan (or not on our ExciteCare service at all), we can provide an alternative solution at our standard hourly rate.

What do I do if I get hacked?

Don’t stress! The first thing to do is get in touch with us. If you are on our Security+ or Ultimate plan you are covered by our Security Guarantee. This means that we will clean and restore your website at no additional charge. If you are on our Basics plan or not on our ExciteCare service,  we can still help. We can help to get your site back up and running again, billed at our standard hourly rate.

Should I install a plugin myself?

WordPress is a great platform for finding plugins to do whatever task is required. Unfortunately not all plugins are designed with the same quality! When looking at potential plugins here are some helpful tips to make sure you are getting the cream of the crop.

– Look for plugins with a high number of ratings (we’re talking above a 4.5 star average with 100+ ratings!).- Also look for a high number of active installations (50,000+ is a good starting point).
– On the plugin page it will show how recently the plugin has been updated. Within the last few weeks is better than months!
– You can also check that the plugin is compatible with your version of WordPress.

While we won’t try to stop you installing plugins on your website, you should be aware that there are many issues that can arise.

– Conflicts with existing plugins
– Plugins with existing vulnerabilities
– Plugins containing malware
– Unoptimised plugins affecting website performance.

You can always get in touch with us to check if a plugin is safe to install. If we are not familiar with the plugin we can offer to do some testing for you using your package’s included time or at our standard hourly rate.

What is the cancellation process?

If you are looking to cancel our ExciteCare service while still keeping your website online, our first priority is to make sure that you have someone else looking after your website and ensuring it is safe and secure. Firstly, get in touch with our team so we can provide you with a list of maintenance tasks you (or someone you appoint) will need to perform on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis. We can also let you know which commercial plugins are installed on your website, and where/how you can purchase licenses for these plugins (we cover many commercial plugin licenses as part of our ExciteCare service).
Once you have assigned the maintenance tasks to a new person, and have purchased the required plugin licenses, simply let our team know and we can facilitate a handover to your new maintenance company.

This may seem like a lengthy process, however we take the maintenance handover process seriously as we want to make sure your website is properly covered going forward.

Which plugins licenses are included in ExciteCare?

We have licenses for the following plugins which you can use on your wesbite:
Gravity Forms
Kraken Image Optimizer
Elementor Pro
Ultimate Addons for Elementor
SearchWP Pro
WP Rocket
Custom Facebook Feed Pro
Gravity Perks – Pro
SeedProd Coming Soon Pro
sogo insert headers and footer
WP All Import/Export
Social Feed by Arrow Plugins
Astra Pro