Writing effective website content

The first thing to think about when writing content for a page on your website is to decide what the purpose of the page is and what actions you want the user to take when visiting the page (e.g. calling for more info, filling out a quote form, buying a product, signing up for your newsletter). Once you have worked this out you can format the content within the page to have cues to guide the user into taking the desired action. This is called a “Call to action”.

Another thing to think about is formatting. Break text up by using headings, bullet points and images. Large blocks of disorganised text can be daunting to a user, particularly if they are only trying to find a particular piece of information. Formatting is also key in guiding users to “Call to actions”.

To improve SEO, try to include keywords throughout the content that could get picked up by Google.

These are just a few tips, so please contact us if you’d like to know more (P.S. This is a call to action!).

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