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  • Thank you for taking the time to fill out this simple brief. This information is going to act as a guide for us as to what kind of logo you are looking for.

    Logo design is the most difficult of all design work. The reason for this is because it entirely comes down to personal preference. While something that is designed might be great from a design perspective, it’s our job to understand what it is that YOU are looking for, and translate this into the initial logo concepts, and following this – the finished product.

    Let’s Get Started!


  • Branding

  • As you would like it to appear in your logo (e.g. Subway)
  • If you do, please enter the text for this below (e.g. Eat Fresh). Keep in mind that adding a tagline to your logo adds extra text elements and can clutter the logo a little. But, in some cases it can work really well.
  • This gives us an insight into what you do, which is a key element of determining what type of design, look and feel to start with (e.g. Fast Food - Sandwiches)
  • Similar to the above question, but please go into a little more detail for us (e.g. Supply of fast food with a healthy focus; Sold to the general public through franchised stores; Direct competition with other major fast food outlets: McDonalds; KFC; Hungry Jacks; Oporto etc.)
  • If you do, could you give us some details about why you have decided to make a change? (e.g. (e.g. Our logo was designed 10 years ago and it’s now old and outdated. We need something more modern and that better reflects our business. Our tagline is now old fashioned).
  • Please place all files into a .ZIP and upload at the end