What is your message?

Giving your customers the ability to say ‘yes’ to your offer is one of the most important things you can do with your business website.

Online selling is much the same as traditional sales with one critical exception. The average engagement time of a new website visitor is eight seconds. Think about that for a minute. Eight actual seconds. That’s how long you have to tell your prospect about your business and why they should trust and buy from you. That’s not very long.

It is therefore critical that you use that time to your best advantage.

What is the most important thing a prospective customer needs to know about you?
What is the USP of your business (Unique Selling Proposition)?
What makes you different to the competitors your customer is also looking at?

Writing a great headline that makes your audience sit up and take notice is crucial to getting them to the next stage of enquiry. So make it count by asking a few questions to really focus your message and quickly make impact.

Who is my ideal customer?
What is their pain?
How can I solve it?

Here are a few examples to get you thinking:

Jim’s Homemade Alehouse

Need beer? We’ve been making handmade ale since 1895

Glasses Warehouse

Save big on Australian made big brand eyewear.

Northside Accountants
Sick of waiting for answers? Voted best Customer Service for 9 years running.

Having a clear and prominent call to action is crucial to achieving results. Simply asking your prospective customers to take that action is a step that is often overlooked. Ask them to call or email you right away. Provide a big, clear and easy way for them to do that. Don’t hide it away on your contact page, put it front and centre and ask them to click it.

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