Getting visitors to engage

Davcon Security had significant traffic coming to one particular page about CrimSafe however people were not taking immediate action on the page.

Redesigning for improved conversions

In order to turn this traffic into conversions we re-designed the page functionality and usability.  

As well as optimising the site for SEO, we fixed the way the content was structured and made numerous calls to actions on the page.

Custom delivered content marketing

A re-design of the homepage by the team of the experienced Web Designers at Excite Media.
Contact us page updated for better usability. Articles on Crimsafe updated to increase enquiries and ensure unique visitors enjoy their experience.

Higher rankings and better engagement

graphAs a result of the changes made to the website by WebIQ, Davcon now rank consistently high for many of their key terms like ‘Crimsafe’ and ‘Security screens Brisbane’.  The changes also made sure customers were able to follow calls to action and enquire more quickly.

The popular Crimsafe article has had a 180% increase in its conversion rate since April when WebIQ first begun.
There has also been significantly more traffic to the website with a 234% increase in unique website visitors (3652 in a year) since WebIQ.