Excite Media is proud to support the following organisations:

Be a part of our Plan to end child poverty

Plan in Australia is part of Plan globally, one of the world’s largest community development organisations committed to ending child poverty. Plan works locally and globally to mobilise individuals, corporations, foundations, and governments to improve the lives of children, their families and communities in over 45 developing countries.

Plan’s unique child centred community development approach involves children as equal partners in changing their future. Plan helps communities to help themselves, so that children have opportunities to develop into healthy, educated adults.

Plan has no religious or political affiliations, and is fully accredited by the Australian Government Agency for International Development (AusAID).

Excite Media is proud to sponsor a child with Plan. We invite you to be a part of it too! Visit www.plan.org.au to learn more.

The Darts Charity Challenge was a world record attempt for the longest ever darts marathon held by Excite Media in May 2010. The event raised $4016 for the following four charities:

Queensland Cancer Council
Oxfam Australia
ACT for Kids
The Starlight Supporter

To top off the event we were able to reach our target of 30 hours to break the record and also add a little bit extra to it! At 32 hours and 4 minutes the last dart was thrown. Read more »

The ACME Foundation aims to support not-for-profit organisations working in areas that overlap with the passions of the ACME donors. The ACME name is a rough acronym of these causes:

A – Animal welfare, Aged care, Aviation
C – Children & young people, Climate change, Conservation
M – Motherhood, Mother Earth
E – Environment, Education, Eyesight

OOFRAS is a network of occupational therapists (OTs) working together to develop a field of practice that responds to the occupational needs of refugees. OOFRAS is a non-profit, volunteer-run organisation coordinated and supported by occupational therapists for occupational therapists.