The web is changing

The internet is going to get a whole lot bigger with hundreds of new domain exetensions being released. The way we think of a website’s domain name may change completely if these take off.

Below is a full list of all of the new Top Level Domains that will be available shortly.

.abogado .abudhabi .academy
.accountant .accountants .active
.actor .ads .adult
.africa .agency .airforce
.alsace .amsterdam .analytics
.anquan .antivirus .apartments
.app .aquitaine .arab
.archi .architect .army
.art .arte .associates
.attorney .auction .audible
.audio .author .auto
.autoinsurance .autos .baby
.band .bank .banque
.bar .barcelona .bargains
.baseball .basketball .bayern
.bcn .beats .beauty
.beer .beknown .berlin
.best .bet .bible
.bid .bike .bingo
.bio .black .blackfriday
.blog .blue .boats
.bom .boo .book
.booking .boston .bot
.boutique .box .broadway
.broker .brussels .budapest
.build .builders .business
.buy .buzz .bzh
.cab .cafe .cal
.call .cam .camera
.camp .cancerresearch .capetown
.capital .car .caravan
.cards .care .career
.careers .carinsurance .cars
.casa .case .cash
.cashbackbonus .casino .catalonia
.catering .catholic .center
.ceo .cfd .channel
.charity .chat .cheap
.christmas .church .circle
.city .cityeats .claims
.cleaning .click .clinic
.clothing .cloud .club
.coach .codes .coffee
.college .cologne .community
.company .compare .computer
.comsec .condos .connectors
.construction .consulting .contact
.contractors .cooking .cool
.corp .corsica .country
.coupon .coupons .courses
.cpa .credit .creditcard
.cricket .cruise .cruises
.cymru .dad .dance
.data .date .dating
.day .dds .deal
.dealer .deals .degree
.delivery .democrat .dental
.dentist .desi .design
.dev .diamonds .diet
.digital .direct .directory
.discount .discover .diy
.docs .doctor .dog
.doha .domains .dot
.download .drive .dubai
.duck .durban .dvr
.earth .eat .eco
.ecom .education .email
.energy .engineer .engineering
.enterprises .equipment .esq
.estate .eus .events
.exchange .expert .exposed
.express .fail .faith
.family .fan .fans
.farm .farmers .fashion
.fast .feedback .film
.final .finance .financial
.financialaid .finish .fire
.fish .fishing .fit
.fitness .flights .florist
.flowers .fly .foo
.food .football .forsale
.forum .foundation .free
.frontdoor .fun .fund
.furntiure .futbol .fyi
.gal .gallery .game
.games .garden .gay
.ged .gent .gift
.gifts .gives .giving
.glass .gle .global
.gmbh .gold .golf
.goo .gop .got
.graphics .gratis .green
.gripe .grocery .group
.guide .guitars .guru
.hair .halal .hamburg
.hangout .haus .health
.healthcare .help .helsinki
.here .hiphop .hiv
.hockey .holdings .holiday
.home .homegoods .homes
.homesense .horse .hospital
.host .hosting .hot
.hoteis .hotel .hoteles
.hotels .house .how
.icu .idn .ieee
.imamat .immo .immobilien
.inc .indians .industries
.ing .ink .institute
.insurance .insure .international
.investments .ira .irish
.islam .ismaili .ist
.istanbul .jetzt .jewelry
.joburg .jot .joy
.juegos .justforu .kaufen
.kid .kids .kim
.kinder .kitchen .kiwi
.koeln .kosher .kyoto
.land .lat .latino
.law .lawyer .lease
.legal .lgbt .liaison
.life .lifeinsurance .lifestyle
.lighting .like .limited
.limo .link .live
.living .llc .llp
.loan .loans .loanslegal
.locker .loft .lol
.london .lotto .love
.ltd .ltda .luxe
.luxury .madrid .mail
.maison .makeup .management
.map .market .marketing
.markets .matrix .mba
.med .media .medical
.meet .melbourne .meme
.memorial .men .menu
.miami .mint .mls
.mobile .moda .moe
.moi .mom .money
.mortgage .moscow .moto
.motorcycles .mov .movie
.movistar .music .mutal
.mutualfunds .nagoya .navy
.network .new .news
.next .ngo .ninja
.now .nowruz .nrw
.nyc .okinawa .one
.ong .onl .online
.ooo .open .organic
.origins .osaka .ott
.page .paris .pars
.partners .parts .party
.patch .pay .persiangulf
.pet .pets .pharmacy
.phd .phone .photo
.photography .photos .physio
.pics .pictures .pid
.pin .ping .pink
.pizza .place .play
.plumbing .plus .poker
.porn .press .prime
.prod .productions .prof
.progressive .promo .properties
.property .protection .pub
.qpon .quebec .racing
.radio .read .realestate
.realtor .realty .recipes
.red .rehab .reise
.reisen .rent .rentals
.repair .report .republican
.rest .restaurant .retirement
.review .reviews .rich
.riet .rightathome .rio
.rip .rocks .rodeo
.roma .room .rsvp
.rugby .ruhr .run
.ryukyu .saarland .safe
.safety .sale .salon
.sarl .save .scholarships
.school .schule .science
.scot .search .seat
.secure .security .seek
.select .services .sex
.sexy .shia .shiksha
.shoes .shop .shopping
.shopyourway .shouji .show
.silk .singles .site
.ski .skin .sky
.smile .soccer .social
.software .solar .solutions
.song .soy .spa
.space .sport .sports
.spot .spreadbetting .srl
.star .stockholm .storage
.store .stream .stroke
.studio .study .style
.sucks .supplies .supply
.support .surf .surgery
.swiss .sydney .systems
.taipei .talk .tatar
.tattoo .tax .taxi
.team .tech .technology
.tennis .thai .theatre
.tickets .tienda .tips
.tires .tirol .today
.tokyo .tools .top
.tour .tours .town
.toys .trade .trading
.training .translations .travelers
.trust .tube .tunes
.university .uno .vacation
.vacations .vegas .ventures
.vet .viajes .video
.villas .vin .vip
.vision .vivo .vlaanderen
.vodka .vote .voting
.voto .voyage .wales
.wang .wanggou .watch
.watches .weather .web
.webcam .webs .website
.wed .wedding .weibo
.wien .wiki .win
.windows .wine .winners
.work .works .world
.wow .wtf .xin
.xyz .yachts .yamaxun
.yoga .yokohama .you
.yun .zero .zip
.zone .zuerich .дети
.католик .ком .москва
.онлайн .орг .рус
.сайт .קום .ابوظبي
.اتصالات .بازار .بيتك
.شبكة .عرب .كاثوليك
.كوم .موبايلي .موقع
.همراه .कॉम .नेट
.संगठन .คอม .みんな
.クラウド .コム .ストア
.セール .ファッション .ポイント
.一号店 .世界 .中文网
.企业 .佛山 .信息
.健康 .八卦 .公司
.公益 .商城 .商店
.商标 .在线 .大拿
.天主教 .娱乐 .家電
.工行 .广东 .广州
.微博 .慈善 .我爱你
.手机 .手表 .招聘
.政务 .政府 .新闻
.时尚 .書籍 .机构
.机构体制 .深圳 .游戏
.点看 .移动 .网址
.网店 .网站 .网络
.购物 .通販 .集团
.電訊盈科 .食品 .餐厅
.香格里拉 .點看 .닷넷

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