The Secret Musical Talent of Excite Media

The Secret Musical Talent of Excite Media
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When you walk into the office at Excite Media, or check out the team photos on our website, you probably think that we’re “a cool-looking bunch of professionals who kill it at life, in websites, and in digital marketing”. You’re correct in this assumption, of course.

But what you might not know is that, amongst all of our banging on about cool data, website user experience, and getting you cold hard leads, there is a hidden wealth of musical talent.

Here’s where we reveal Excite Media’s secret (and not-so-secret) musical talent.

But before we get into all that, let’s take a look at why we think there are so many musical folk within our four walls… and there are a lot of us!

A creative atmosphere ⚡

The way that Excite Media works allows for a lot of creativity.

First off, there’s the nature of what we do: we come up with great solutions for our clients (that often involve creative, out-of-the-box solutions), design killer websites, write compelling copy, and basically thrive on everything strategically creative.

When you think of it that way, it makes sense that a lot of creatives are drawn to this field.

Then there’s our working style ✍️

The way that we operate at Excite Media allows each and every one of us to showcase our unique strengths and abilities, and work to our strengths.

Most of our roles here at Excite Media allow for a bunch of autonomy, creativity and personal flair.

There’s also our amazing culture 🙌

Great culture attracts great people. And, although the author of this article is technically quite biased towards how great musicians are, and how great we are at Excite Media as a team, we do think that our people and our work environment are something truly special.

That’s something that is highly attractive to creative and talented types. Our spidey senses are tingling when we first walk into the building.

We’re all friends, and we support each other’s dreams 🤗

One thing about our amazing work culture is the fact that we are like a big group of friends and family. We truly care about one another, inside and outside of work. Because of this, we back each other’s dreams 100%. But we don’t just back each others’ dreams, we also do all we can to help… so those with a musical interest, or mild musical talent, have the ability to grow that into real talent.

So many within our team can (and do) draw on the expertise, advice, and assistance of the veteran musicians in the building.

For example, Excite Media founders and directors Scott Maynard and Nathanael Hubbard, and our Creative Director Ben Maynard, have helped multiple artists within our team get their original music recorded — which is really cool and appreciated.

Musicians have a way of finding one another (awww) 👋

While we don’t walk around Jazz scatting as a weird call-out to identify other musicians, artists tend to somehow find one another. So we’re never surprised to hear that one of our new team members has a secret passion for music!

As Excite Media’s Rebecca Nordqvist perfectly puts it, “It’s amazing how many people from similar walks of life have ended up in the same place together! Funnily enough, though, I’m not always convinced it’s accidental. I do believe Excite Media gives us the autonomy to work in creative ways that are collaborative, which I think really attracts a lot of creative people”.

We couldn’t agree more. Although we swear, it’s not on purpose. So put down the recorder; you don’t have to audition to work with us… adoring fans are also appreciated. And so are begrudgingly polite onlookers. And secret earplug wearers. Openly disgusted victims of our music are welcome too, we guess… although you might hurt our feelings, so remember, discretion is kind.

Now that we’ve covered the ‘why’, let’s delve down into the revelations of our secret (and not-so-secret) musical talent of Excite Media.

Musicians revealed: The raw musical talent of Excite Media 🎸

Brace yourself: there’s quite a few musicians within Excite Media! Here’s a little cheat sheet with every Excite Media musician on it!

(Disclaimer: some are super modest, so it may not be every single Excite Musician, but from a series of Q&As, dob-ins and badgering, we’ve managed to reveal most, if not all of them).

The self-admitted musicians 🎷:
The bands of Excite Media 🥁:
The ones that got dobbed in for having a great voice, musical history or who are currently learning an instrument (but are modest about it) 🎙️:

Excite Media Recording Artists 🎤

These people either have music on Spotify already, are working on it, or are featured in others’ tracks on spotify!

Others from our team, like Rebecca Nordvist have recorded their music for fun, but don’t plan on releasing it on Spotify any time soon.

Want to learn more? Of course you do! Musical secrets: revealed below! 🎺

The talent you may know

Some of our musical talents are really good with their music marketing and promotion. From kick-butt brands to solo gigging artists, we’ll start with those making ‘louder’ soundwaves about their music first.

It only makes sense to start with our musical poster boys, the not-at-all-a-secret musical talent of Excite Media: Alta Falls.

Meet our TikTok uber-famous band: Alta Falls

So firstly, we usually don’t tell these guys how awesome they are because it’s a “hilarious” joke around the office to imply that their music is annoying… so don’t tell them we said any of this, but (we hope) they know how proud we all are of our talented in-house band.

Alta Falls has really taken off, and not just on the local scene! Formed by Excite Media’s Matt Green and Nathanael Hubbard, Alta Falls is a super cool Indie Electropop Band we think you’ll love — based on their over 100,000 followers!

We think these guys are seriously so cool, because they formed two years ago and have absolutely blown up TikTok (and other socials), written, recorded and released a bunch of original music, completed a national tour, and recently even sold out their EP launch! Some of their loyal TikTok fans flew in from interstate to attend the launch.

They have a global following of mega fans, earn royalties each month from their original music, and also earn via their TikTok live streams — where they basically play live concerts.

They are such a big deal that they even have their own merch, and have had a few of their singles played on triple j’s Home and Hosed, Good Nights, and Late Nights. They also are totally endorsed by one of The Wiggles!

Check them out:

Other kick-butt Excite Media bands

Lancaster Sound

Excite Media’s Ben Maynard features in this band. Now the problem with those of us who are more humble about their talents — which Ben is absolutely in the category of — is that it can be hard to find out all of the juicy details and achievements of their musical prowess. But Lancaster Sound has an awesome recent release out on Spotify, which is an independent release, called “Little Drama Boy”. It sounds great, and we think you should give it a listen. And hassle humble Ben about all the details.

Check them out:
The Brendan Leggatt Band

Featuring Excite Media’s Scott Maynard, and Ben Maynard, (along with the band’s namesake, Brendan Leggatt), and until recently, Excite’s Chris Taylor was in the band too. Excite Media’s Andy Marks has played with the band at a few gigs. The Brendan Leggatt Band has performed at plenty of blues festivals. They’ve been a mainstay in the Blues/Roots/Rock scene for nearly two decades and play regularly at The Royal Mail Hotel in Goodna.

The guys are working on releasing their third independent album, which will go off if it’s anything like their other albums. Their ‘Paid My Dues’ album even made Top 10 in the Australian Blues & Roots Airplay Charts.

Check them out:
Whiskey Lips

Excite Media’s Ben Maynard and Scott Maynard are in this blues rock band. They’re currently doing some really cool stuff partnering with the charity Orange Sky for a fundraising campaign that will help the charity provide mobile laundry and shower services for people experiencing homelessness.

Ironically, their new single is called “I’m Not An Angel” — but they’re doing some pretty awesome stuff if you ask us.

Check them out:

Our loud & proud soloist

Be careful about asking Nerida about her music… she may go on about it for a while.

Nerida Currey

Nerida gigs around Brisbane as a solo artist, singing and playing guitar at bars, beer gardens, pubs, restaurants and cafes. She also does concerts with her singing school, and recently donned a lion costume to perform an entertaining rendition of “Be Prepared”, the villain song from The Lion King.

At gigs though, she plays mostly covers of popular songs (90s, 2000s, recent chart hits and all-time favourites), and also throws in a few of her original songs from time to time.

You might stumble across Nerida performing live around Brisbane on a weekend.

This year, she’s been working with Excite Media’s Ben Maynard and Scott Maynard to re-do the recording of her favourite original, Gingerbread Boy. She plans to release this as her official Spotify debut, so you’ll also be able to see her on Spotify soon.

Interested in one of Nerida’s gigs? You can book her shows through either Muso or Surreal

Check her out:

The musical journeys of every secret Excite Media musician 🎼

If you’d like to read more about each of Excite Media’s musicians, and their own musical journeys, you can read all about them — we did a fun Q&A with all of our secret (and not so secret) musical talents.

We’ll be publishing it soon on the Excite Media blog, so watch this space!

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