Discover 10 Powerful and Proven Words that will Captivate Your Website Customers

Article by Mark Coburn, SuperSelf Success Coaching

How effective are you in captivating your potential website customers? Is it time to look at some new ways on how to improve the quality of the message that your web pages are conveying? Here are 10 proven and highly effective words that you can easily put into action.

1. Discover – This word evokes curiosity and a feeling of opportunity. When you tell your website viewers that they will discover something, you will evoke the same feelings in them.

2. Easy – “Easy” is appealing. In a world of increasing complexity, everyone wants more simplicity and the ability to do things more easily. If your product or service can make something easier for your prospect, use the word frequently and tell them how you can achieve this for them.

3. Good – Good is not a high-powered word and that’s the secret of its success. It evokes a sense of comfort, stability and security. Consider the phrases, “As good as gold” or “life is good”. If something is good about your product or service, use the word and explain how it’s good for them.

4. Save – Everyone likes to save. They like to save time, save money, save trouble, save hassles etc. It’s a powerful word. If you can save your client something, use this word on your sale pages. Tell them how much they would normally pay and how much they are saving. If you can, explain how or why the saving is possible. This will make it more believable.

5. Guarantee – One of the greatest fears most people have is the fear of making a mistake or taking a risk. If you can guarantee the results you are offering, provide assurance by telling your prospective customers.

6. Proven – People don’t like the notion of being the guinea pig for somebody’s fantastic new idea. If your product or service is proven, spell it out. Better still, show them proof. If it’s product, show them the result. If it’s a service, make it more real by showing testimonials and photos of your existing clients on your website.

7. Safe – Safety is important to everyone. Whether it’s a safe product or a safe transaction, your internet customers need to hear this from you, backed up with good reasons why it’s safe. If we feel something is safe and secure, we feel we can trust the product, service, person or company.

8. New – Many Australians associate something new to “it must be better”. We love new things and we like to be on the cutting edge of new technology and new ideas. So, if you have a new product or service be confident in highlighting this with your clients. Give them good reasons as to how it will improve their current situation.

9. Results – The bottom line is that your customers want results. If you have a product or service that can produce measurable, tangible results then make sure you communicate in terms of these results with your prospects. As previously mentioned, make it real by showing them the results or a testimonial.

10. Free – Just as people like to save, they equally like something for nothing. It’s a no risk option. Build rapport with your customers by offering free products and services. Whether it’s a free eBook or a free product trial, it’s important to take the initiative here. Pay it forward and give unconditionally. Set an intention that it will come back to you 10-fold.

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