Templeton Property’s SEO journey โ€” Patience pays off

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Templeton Property’s SEO journey โ€” Patience pays off
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When we first teamed up with Templeton Property, a local star in the Australian real estate and buyerโ€™s agent market, they were keen to get results and had a keen interest in the power of SEO.

We were so excited to help them climb to the top of Googleโ€™s search results โ€” but the unfortunate reality we already knew was that this wasn’t going to be a quick process.

The Australian real estate industry is a fiercely competitive sector. Competing with other real estate companies (and specifically buyerโ€™s agents) who have similar marketing tactics to Templetonโ€™s own makes getting โ€“ and keeping โ€“ the attention of potential clients a real challenge.

We often hear the statistic that, for SEO to work, you need to give it at least four to 12 months. But that’s an American estimate. In Australia, it’s more like 12 to 18 months.

Like many SEO clients, in the early days of their SEO campaign, Templeton had a few concerns. They felt like, despite our SEO work in the background, their website statistics and their rankings weren’t getting anywhere.

We reminded the team at Templeton of a mantra we’ve told so many of our clients: trust the process.

Templeton Property joined us in August of 2022, and now, 15 months later, we’re sharing some of their big SEO wins with you.

Spoiler alert: trusting the process paid off. But we’ll get to that.

screenshot of the templeton property website

Beginning the journey into optimising website content to boost SEO results can feel like entering an unfamiliar room with a blindfold on. It’s difficult to navigate if you donโ€™t know anything about the topic, and unlike many other forms of marketing, it’s not about instant gratification.

To put it simply, getting results with SEO is more like jogging a marathon, not running a sprint.

To start off, the initial months of any businessโ€™ SEO journey often involve laying the groundwork. Optimising site structures, researching keywords, optimising content, building authoritative backlinks, and tweaking all these other parts of your companyโ€™s website are so important.

It’s all these little steps that get you onto Google’s radar and give your website the right foundations to start ranking.

Especially if you’re new to SEO, this process can feel kind of redundant. You’re investing in a campaign, but you can’t see any results. And we get it. When you’re investing hard-earned money, you want to see those gains โ€” and fast.

Despite the slow start, this is where the Templeton Property story becomes pretty exciting.

templeton property case study

The strategy behind the success ๐Ÿง 

While we told Templeton to just trust the process โ€” our approach wasn’t leaving anything to chance. Here’s a peek into the critical pillars of our SEO strategy for Templeton Property.

Local SEO Optimisation ๐Ÿ“

Recognising the significance of those hyper-local searches in both the real estate and buyerโ€™s agent spaces, we prioritised local SEO efforts. By optimising for local keywords, creating Google Business Profile listings, and encouraging local reviews, we made sure Templeton Property stood out in their local community.

Content Strategy โœ๏ธ

High-quality, informative articles catering to potential home buyers and sellers were created for the website.ย  We did this not only to benefit SEO, but to position Templeton as a leader in their industry. Not only does this showcase their industry expertise, but it also addresses the questions and concerns of their local target audience.

Technical SEO ๐Ÿ–ฅ๏ธ

Technical SEO is foundational to any website’s success. Through site speed optimisation, mobile responsiveness, and other technical optimisations, we made sure Templeton Property’s website gives users the best experience possible.

Internal Linking ๐Ÿ”—

Internal linking is where we link from one page on your website to another page on your website. This encourages your visitors to explore multiple pages throughout the site. Not only does this enhance the experience users have on the website, but it also strengthens the overall structure of the website. It’s a great way to build authority on the website and this is exactly what we did for Templeton Property.

google logo

The turning point โ€” finally, the results ๐ŸŽ‰

After months of persistent SEO effort, it started to pay off for Templeton Property. Our monthly reports started to showcase not just the baby steps we had previously been seeing but significant leaps in click-through rates and site viewing duration. Templeton Property’s organic search visibility was rising, their keywords were ranking higher, and their website traffic showed a consistent upward trend. Their patience had finally paid off, and we were absolutely stoked with the results.

A 12-month snapshot of the competition ๐Ÿ“ธ

In August this year โ€” 12 months after they started SEO โ€” Templeton Property overtook their key competitors.ย 

traffic growth chart

Organic keywords

In just a year, in those coveted #1 – #3 positions, Templeton went from 13 ranking keywords to 36 ranking keywords.

In the positions from #4 to #10 (first-page positions), Templeton went from 67 ranking keywords to 263 ranking keywords.

organic keyword growth

Organic traffic

In November 2022, Templeton had a daily average of 294 visitors. In November 2023, that number shot up to 2,080. That’s a 607.48% increase.
graph of organic traffic growth

Primary commercial keywords

There are two primary keywords we’ve been targeting along the way โ€” ‘brisbane buyers agent’ and ‘buyers agent brisbane’.

'Brisbane buyers agent' is in position #4 โ€” it's climbed up 31 positions so far.
'Buyers agent brisbane' is in position #6 โ€” it's climbed up 31 positions so far.

Primary informational keywords

We’re not going to listย allllย of the informational keywords Templeton ranks for now but there are a few we want to acknowledge.

This is such a great example of the difference content can make in your SEO campaign.ย We can’t take all the credit here, though.

While we have written some of the content, the client has collaborated with us, using our content research to craft their own blog posts.

Keyword Starting Position Current Position Improvement
average house price brisbane 80 1 79
average house prices brisbane 9 1 8
brisbane median house prices 6 1 5
average house price brisbane suburbs 5 1 4
townhouse land ownership 5 1 4
average brisbane house price 25 1 24
average property price brisbane 6 1 5
brisbane average house price 49 1 48
median brisbane house price 8 1 7
brisbane median house price 129 1 128
average house prices in brisbane 185 1 184
brisbane suburbs affect by aircraft noise 10 1 9

The business impact: Beyond the numbers ๐Ÿ“ˆ

As Templeton Property’s digital visibility surged, there were bigger and better benefits for their business.

More organic traffic meant more potential leads and enquiries. SEO isn’t just about numbers on a report โ€” it’s about real-world business opportunities.

This new enhanced online presence established Templeton Property as an authority in the local Australian real estate and buyerโ€™s agent market.

With increased online credibility and the sharing of real estate insights, sales and client relationship processes quickly become smoother.

It was a cyclical effect โ€“ good SEO led to increased visibility, which in turn led to greater business growth and even better online testimonials. They’ve nabbed more than 12 5-star Google Reviews in just the last three months.

Good things come to those that wait (in the world of SEO at least) ๐ŸŽ

In the world of SEO, patience is absolutely key, and Templeton Property’s SEO journey is a testament to this. If you’re at the start of your SEO journey and are feeling a little impatient โ€” trust us when we say your patience will pay off. As the saying goesโ€ฆ good things come to those that wait.
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