The Results

Nearly Tripled Conversions & Improved Sales Funnel

The leads channelled through the website in the 30 days after the changes made by Excite Media represented a growth of over 2.6 times the leads generated in the previous 30 days; a growth from 62 to 163.

  • 101 more leads than the previous period
  • New touchpoint with client in sales funnel

Reducing the buying friction by pre-filling the enquiry form encouraged users to complete their enquiry.

In addition to this, our changes allowed Oz Wardrobes an additional touchpoint with the customer in their sales funnel following the completion of the enquiry form – just another opportunity to convert a qualified lead.

The Challenge

High Traffic Volume but Room for Conversion Rate Improvement

Oz Wardrobes had already approached Excite Media to look after their SEO and AdWords campaign. This combination of digital marketing techniques was pushing great traffic to the site and leads per month were steady. However, we’d noticed an opportunity to improve the Oz Wardrobes site to optimise their conversion rate.

Using WebIQ’s program of constant testing and improvement we were able to increase monthly enquiries for Oz Wardrobes by 2.6 times.

There were a number of minor but critical issues which affected customer behaviour on the site. Through a traffic flow analysis we identified a drop off point of users before completion of the enquiry form. As a result, we identified the following problems:

  • The enquiry path was guided more by their business structure than by giving prospect’s what they wanted – easy access to a quote
  • The enquiry process was complicated and labour-intensive for the prospect
  • Poor user experience (UX)

NB: Conversions are different for every business – it depends on the business objectives and web goals! However, for Oz Wardrobes a conversion was represented by a completed enquiry form.

Our Solution

Conversion Optimisation & Improved User Experience (UX)

Implementing that age-old Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS) principle we made some minor changes to the site which realised some massive results. In order to achieve conversion rate optimisation (CRO) we made the following changes to the site’s design:

  • Revised the call to action (CTA) to encourage customers to take advantage of a free quote
  • Improved above-the-fold engagement by changing the free quote CTA button colour
  • Reduced amount of work required of customer by simplifying the free quote and enquiry form
  • Guided the customer to conversion completion by establishing authority with testimonials
  • Pre-filled enquiry form based on specific product enquiry to improve completion rates – the customer has less work to do!

Changing the design of the contact page reduced friction in the customer conversion process.