Davcon Security Screens are based in Brisbane, QLD and are suppliers and installers of Crimsafe Security Screens to residential locations.

With a high volume of sales leads coming through the door, Davcon needed a system to ensure that they were keeping tracking of their leads and nurturing them through the sales funnel.

What problems were being faced?

With such a high volume of leads, it was hard to keep track and individually nurture all leads through a sales funnel.

What Excite Media did

  • Set up an integration between lead requests and a CRM system so all leads can be housed in the same location without the need for tedious data input.
  • Set up an automated email campaign to nurture each prospect through each step of the funnel from quoting, to purchasing and installation.
  • Set up lead scoring, to mark those who were interested with a score and alert the appropriate salesperson to let them know that the lead was hot and ready for a call.


  • Reaching out to customers via email automation to provide a communication port for direct customer enquiries, which had been previously deficient.

  • 5.64%
    revenue increase year on year.

  • 30.86%
    increase in average sale value year on year.


“To date, all communication with Excite Media has been pleasant. Excite have displayed an ongoing understanding of our company goals and marketing objectives in addition to providing suitable and feasible expanses of development. Efficiency and confidence is demonstrated by Excite employees who effortlessly show enthusiasm for the marketing industry. We trust Excite Media and their expertise to guide our business to bigger and better company growth.”
— Cassandra Lehman, General Manager