Welcome to WebIQ

web-iqAs business owners, we need to understand that marketing has evolved. Getting people to find, connect and fall in love with your business used to be an art, now it’s a science. People don’t want to be interrupted — they want the power to find you “when they want you”.
You still need to rank highly in Google, but your brand must excite people, and your website must align to your audience’s expectations and habits.
WebIQ is a science, a science you can use to make sales. 

More than just SEO or Adwords

Getting traffic to your website is one thing, turning people into customers is another. SEO or Adwords alone cannot increase conversion rates – dollars in dollars out.   
Sadly many businesses waste lots of money on SEO and Adwords by not continuously monitoring and updating their website.    
WebIQ is engineered to gets results:

1)  Analytics: Who are your customers, how do they interact online and where are you losing them?
2)  Conversions: What changes can we make to ensure your website is converting traffic into leads and sales?
2)  Awareness: How can we better reach, excite and talk to your target market without spamming them?
4)  Loyalty: How can we increase your customer loyalty and create passionate word of mouth fans?



Who are your customers online

Effective digital marketing begins with ‘analytics’. You may know the habits of your customers coming into your store, but it’s a different kettle of fish online — that’s constantly changing.

WebIQ includes 1-3 months of initial data gathering, using leading analytical tools to map your customers’ online habits:

  • Google Analytics

    Understanding your traffic from mobile vs. desktop, monitoring new vs. returning website visitors, logging bounce rates and mapping geographical locations so we know exactly where your online visitors are coming from.

  • Heat Mapping & Screen Recording

    Heatmaps to see what people click on and how far they scroll on each website page, screen recordings to watch how people use your site and the tools to gather user feedback from visitors through surveys and targeted website polls.

  • AdWords

    To ensure your business gets found by people on Google, precisely when they’re searching for the things you offer, we use Adwords advertising to drive targeted traffic to your website and create maximum conversions.

  • People Power

    With your approval, we’ll survey a selection of your customers over the phone. Usually, we would sit down with you and learn about your ideal customers and feedback prior to this point of the project to find any discrepancies.

More leads for your sales team

Through Analytics, we can accurately profile your target audience and start turning people who find your business – into people who buy from your business.  

WebIQ leverages a mix of tools that allow us to implement the highest converting website designs and sales strategies:

A/B Testing

We use a range of tools to build and conduct A/B testing, in which two versions of a page, headline or button can be compared for conversion performance. On the back of the data we gather we then implement the best performing design.

Website updates

Often our clients have new services, products or offering updates that they would like to present on their website. WebIQ includes allocating a Project Manager, Designer and Developer for your ongoing updates.

Behaviour monitoring

Tools that record your visitor’s browsing sessions so you can understand how they move around your website and how long they are spending in each area. We map these habits and make measured improvements.

Landing pages

This is a single website page that appears separate to your main website. They are highly effective for promotions and presenting new products or services to generate additional sales.


Testing different headlines and calls to action.

“The team at Excite Media has boosted our website conversion rate by 162.9% after just three months of WebIQ. That’s almost triple the number of enquiries for our sales team to convert into business!”
Oz Wardrobes, Australia’s largest Wardrobe supplier

Better reach your market

web-iq-teamCan you remember the last time a commercial came on and you thought, oh wow, I must buy that? Perhaps it’s easier to remember changing stations because the ads were annoying.

Reaching and engaging with your target market needs to be well thought out and delivered tastefully.

WebIQ is built on low invasive advertising and inbound marketing tactics to draw people into your business. These proven strategies include:   

  • Targeted Social media advertising
  • Blogging and SEO for organic awareness
  • Google Adwords for near instant results
  • Direct marketing, email and print, i.e. brochures
  • Video and photography services.

“WebIQ allowed us to rank number one in Google for a key page, garnering more than 35% of page views on our website and almost 60% of new entrances to the site”
Davcon, Australian Crimsafe manufacturer

Let’s create passionate fans

webiqNow that your online sales funnel is humming along, we want to start building customer loyalty and creating fans who happily “go out of their way” to tell other people about your business.

A passionate fan can be more valuable than a salesperson, and they’re free. Creating fans is all about providing value, real connections and making it easy for customers to share your message. We’ll work with you to craft your loyalty strategy using:

–  Social media posts and engagement, not advertising
–  Contacting customers for feedback and testimonials
–  Value focused email newsletters helping clients
–  Giveaways or promotional support

The WebIQ Strategy Team

To help you achieve more sales, higher quality leads and increased customer loyalty, WebIQ puts 23 digital experts to work on your online business – at around half the cost of hiring a junior digital marketer.

Importantly, WebIQ is 100% contract free. It’s our job to prove to you that WebIQ works!

However as WebIQ is fully tailored to your business, we have had to limit the service to 7-8 clients a month. So if you’re interested in WebIQ, please book your free 1-hour strategy session now:


  • Andrew Pitchford - Director of Client EngagementAndrew Pitchford - Director of Client Engagement
    Andrew Pitchford
    Director of Client Engagement
    Andrew Pitchford - Director of Client Engagement

    Andrew Pitchford

    Director of Client Engagement

    Andrew has a knack for solving complex business challenges through digital. He was the Director of a NZ web agency and leverages years in broadcasting, advertising and community services for our clients.

    Old man Pitchford is our Digital Strategist, with a 20 year broadcasting career connected to management roles in marketing and communications.

    A true early adopter that loves swimming in the technology space, Andrew is highly regarded as a public speaker across marketing and non-profit interests.

    • Andrew is a movie addict and the original “Family Guy” who built his first website in ’95.
    • With his four children now grown up, his new brood is a collection of Pop Culture Pop Vinyl collectibles.


  • Lee Wallis - Head of Digital MarketingLee Wallis - Head of Digital Marketing
    Lee Wallis
    Head of Digital Marketing
    Lee Wallis - Head of Digital Marketing

    Lee Wallis

    Head of Digital Marketing

    Lee brings over 15 years of web design and digital marketing experience to Excite Media, with 4 of those years spent running his own digital agency. Lee is also our Conversion Rate Optimisation expert and has helped multi-million dollar property companies like Diamond Resorts International grow their sales.

    Lee, our very own British expatriate (yep, he’s a pom), understands how to transform an under-performing website into an online lead generating machine! With over 10 years experience in the digital marketing industry, Lee spends his time amongst our webIQ team, continuously optimising websites to generate more leads and sales for our clients.

    • Lee probably knows if you’re bluffing at the poker table.
    • Lee’s travels have taken him to Spain, Italy, India, Japan, Indonesia and the USA. He has also lived in England, Turkey, Cyprus, and has settled here in Australia!
    • Lee is obsessed with the digital currency, Bitcoin, and believes one day his Bitcoin stash will be worth millions. As of September 2017, one Bitcoin is worth $5,170 AUD.
  • Joanna Scott
    SEO Specialist

    Joanna Scott

    SEO Specialist

    Jo has a bachelor of marketing and has helped 100’s of Australian SME businesses with their online marketing needs, including web and mobile app development, social media marketing, PPC, CRO and SEO.

    At Excite Media, Joanna works with her clients to help them grow their businesses by developing and executing compelling digital marketing strategies. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her one true love, Netflix. You will also find Joanna sipping cocktails at the beach, burning things in the oven and planning her next holiday to the snow.

    • Joanna is a massive fan of Bubble O Bills & Channing Tatum (Yum!!!)
    • Joanna is also known as “Mono” for one-handed foosball playing.
    • Joanna has a fear of lizards. Even geckos. Eek!
    • Joanna has a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) from QUT
  • Paul Taylor
    Email Automation Specialist

    Paul Taylor

    Email Automation Specialist

    As Head of Digital Services, Paul brings years of Digital Marketing experience to the team and enjoys working with clients to help them grow their businesses. In the past he has worked for such clients as Dilmah Tea, Vodafone and Carlton & United. .

    Paul brings years of Digital Marketing experience to the team and enjoys working with clients to help them grow their businesses. Paul also likes to hit the gym and is a mad keen sports fan so if it involves kicking, passing, hitting, throwing or catching, he’s into it.

    • Paul enjoys watching Air Crash Investigation which has unfortunately affected his Frequent Flyer status.
    • Paul likes to hit the gym and is a mad keen sports fan so if it involves kicking, passing, hitting, throwing or catching, he’s into it
    • Paul loves spending time with his family, sweating over a hot BBQ with a beer in hand and eating a good steak.
    • Paul has Bachelor of Business (Marketing) from USQ and is Google Adwords certified.