What is Google AdWords exactly?

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managed-adwordsIf you have some experience with running your own website, or have ever been involved in online marketing in some capacity you might have heard of the term ‘pay per click’ before.

Pay per click (or PPC) is an online marketing method where you bid against others to purchase visitors to your website from other websites that already attract a lot of visitors, such as search engines (e.g. Google) and business directories (e.g. TrueLocal).

By bidding a set price ‘per click’ you are able to effectively ‘buy’ yourself into the search results page, bypassing Google’s regular algorithm for ranking websites. Google AdWords is effectively a ‘paid shortcut’ to first page results on Google. Nice.
How does it all work?

You may have also seen Google AdWords in action when browsing the web yourself. Bidders on the program display their advertisements in pre-defined places on the Google search results, namely the top section above the ‘organic’ search results and also in the right side column (marked below in yellow).

When a potential customer performs a search and clicks on your ad, your AdWords account gets debited the agreed bid and Google delivers the customer to your site.

The more money you are willing to pay ‘per click’ the higher you will be listed in the page, and the more visitors you can receive. There are other factors at play, including a ‘quality score’ which helps Google determine high quality ads.

Why do I need AdWords?

A huge benefit of PPC over traditional internet marketing is that it is true ‘results-based’ marketing. Because you only ever pay for clicks that go through to your website, a well managed PPC can give great results, even for very small budgets.

Unlike traditional marketing such as email newsletters, banner ads and even TV and radio advertising, purchasing traffic on a program such as Google AdWords gives you real, measurable exposure of your products and services. You can track goals and conversions such as sales on an e-commerce site, enquiries through your contact form and even track the number of phone calls you receive from your campaign.

Keeping track of your PPC campaigns can be time consuming and tricky, as seemingly small changes in your keyword or bid strategy can often result in big differences to the return on investment (ROI) of the campaign.

Our experienced Google AdWords experts are here to help you set up, maintain and extract the very most out of the platform. If you would like more information on how a managed Google AdWords campaign can bring new leads and sales to your business, then feel free to give our friendly online marketing experts a call on 1300 EXCITE (1300 392 483) today.

  • Over a decade of online marketing experience

    Speak to any one of our PPC team and you will quickly realise that we live and die by our results. With over ten years of experience, we are willing to put our money where our mouth is.

  • Comprehensive monthly reporting

    Information is power when it comes to managing your online marketing spend and we don’t skimp on reporting. Each month we deliver a comprehensive AdWords report that keeps you in the picture at all times.

  • Cost effective and measurable

    Compared to traditional advertising such as print, radio or television, a managed pay per click campaign through Excite Media is low cost and highly effective. Talk our friendly team today.

Our results speak for themselves

Brisbane based Excite Media has been offering high quality Google AdWords Management to clients throughout Australia for numerous years.  We pride ourselves in offering excellent management of Google AdWords campaigns , enabling our clients to achieve substantial improvements in website traffic.

We not only work to increase the amount of traffic to your site but we continue to manage your AdWords campaign, ensuring that the client is receiving their clicks at the lowest possible price.  We also manage AdWords campaigns with the goal of achieving a high keyword relevance, ensuring that you are making the most of your advertising budget!

Each month you will receive a detailed ranking report as part of your AdWords Management Package, detailing the number of clicks received, the average Cost Per Click, number of conversions and a whole host of other useful information.

Whether you are based in Brisbane or anywhere throughout Australia, contact Excite Media today to discuss how we can help you with your Google AdWords Management.

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