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Why do you need a website for your business?

Have you thought about why you need a website and why there are good websites and bad websites? In 2014 the government released statistics showing less than 47% of Australian Businesses had an online web presence. In June 2014 that figure had only risen to 47.1% While those statistics may be a shock what is clear is that many businesses are simply not getting good advice on their website marketing strategy.

Particularly in the small business arena the normal scenario is that a business owner has a friend in IT or Graphic Design who does websites on the side. Because they generally don’t have access to the combined strategy, design, technical and communication or content skills the results are less than satisfactory. For the client this results in the creation of a ‘website’ but not a business strategy. Websites that don’t turn up in Google Searches or do and generate traffic but not customer engagement they actually suck money out of a business.

When Excite Media talk to you about your website we will be talking to you about a plan. Our goal is that what we build and design for you is a custom solution for you, your business and your customers. By asking you questions over our strategy meeting we will help open your eyes to the possibilities and assist you in connecting the ideas to your office and marketing.

We hope you will see our job is to help you see the possibilities to grow your business and at the same time make your business more efficient through the smarter use of technology for your business, its processes and branding.

Australia Bureau of Statistics report on Technology and Innovation 2015