Prove it socially

Things have certainly changed over the past decade when it comes to how people engage and interact with each other online. The world of social networking through services such as Facebook and Twitter now plays an important role in purchasing decisions. Product reviews and service testimonials, both good and bad, are at our fingertips. It’s never been easier to seek out, listen to and discuss other people’s opinions on a particular product or service. This means monitoring your own brand and maintaining a positive reputation in the social arena is now more important than ever.

It’s far better to let your happy customers tell your story, so creating the opportunity to do so and displaying these on your website can be a valuable tool. A quick email survey takes almost no time at all and providing you ask the right questions it can pay big dividends in giving you goodwill collateral you can promote online.

By posting real testimonials and references on your website you give new customers the opportunity to get instant feedback on how you perform as a company. We can help you create a dedicated ‘Testimonials’ page on your site or a rotating widget of testimonies on your homepage. You could also have testimonials dotted around your products or services pages so that each testimony relates directly to your specific offering.

Even better, if you can find a few ‘champions’ of your business who feel a really strong connection with what you do, then creating a dedicated ‘Case Studies’ page is a great way to let people drill down further into how you operate and how others feel about you.

Call Excite Media today and we will help ensure your website can answer the ‘why’ questions. Proof, credibility and trust are all factors a great website gives to your prospective customers. 

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