We love Pinterest Ads 💥

People are on Pinterest looking for inspiration for all kinds of things, from house renovations to weddings, and places to eat. The platform has ridiculously high rates of engagement, too. It makes it the perfect place to insert your products or services and introduce your business as the solution your audience is looking for.

It’s a platform that produces seriously great results without demanding a massive investment. It’s a really effective way to drive traffic to your website or online store in a way that’s quick and easy.

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There are loads of ad formats 👇

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Lower ad spend, bigger return 🤏

Pinterest marketing delivers a great return on investment (ROI). With fewer brands capitalising on this channel, the ad spend is lower and the potential for returns is much bigger — making it really cost-effective. For a social media platform that isn’t reliant on videos, Pinterest has a really high engagement rate, too. It means getting your brand in front of your target market — and getting them to pay attention — is easy and cost-effective with Pinterest Ads.

Why business big & small use Pinterest Marketing Services 📍

Where small businesses love the cost-effectiveness of Pinterest Ads and the ability to niche down really specifically (so your content is delivered to the pinpoint perfect audience), bigger businesses enjoy massive reach and the ability to drive brand recognition.

With data-driven insights and a range of different ad formats (video, static, carousels) for Pinterest ads, this platform is great for so many different kinds of businesses.

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