Step 1: Kick-off Interview

We need to get to the bottom of who you are, what you stand for and who you stand beside. Only then can we begin to create a strategy and design that portrays the value you offer in a way that resonates with the people who matter: the people you want to do business with.
In this initial meeting, we will be discussing the project as a whole with members of your team. Depending on the scope of your project you may have a project manager, digital strategist, graphic designer and copywriter present.

Step 2: Website Content

One of the primary steps to success is getting your content right. It’s important that you make this a priority for any aspects of the content that you need to create or gather so that your project stays on track.
If you have engaged us for any copy-writing services, then our copywriter will be in touch with you to help put your ideas down through the “voice” of your brand.
Other forms of content such as logos, choice of stock-photography or engaging a photographer or video company should be acted on quickly during this stage.

Step 3: Design Presentation

Once our strategy and design team have moved the project to the point of showing you your website design we will be in contact to organise a presentation.

Your feedback during this process is important and vital. We do however encourage you to view the presentation primarily through the two areas that you as the business owner know best and that is your brand and message. When it comes to the digital marketing methods, user experience and on page presentation we want you to have confidence in the team you have engaged for this project.

Step 4: Website Build

Using everything we’ve gathered, your website no moves into the build phase. Your website build uses all of the design planning and content creation to develop a cohesive marketing tool.

If your website has unique functionality agreed as part of the project it will be configured during this stage which may require your involvement in answering questions about how the functionality operates within the agreed scope of the proposal.
If during this stage you request new features, functionality or content areas outside of the scope of the proposal our team can provide you with a separate quote and a timeline on when this can be actioned given our joint priority of having your website launched.

Step 5: Launch

The launch process is a carefully considered one. We need to ensure email addresses don’t go down, the site doesn’t have any downtime, any old links are re-directed to the new pages and several other things.

This is something we’ve done hundreds of times before. We operate to a checklist which we’ve curated over the years. We will have already discussed with you a launch timetable that has the least impact on your business or customers.

Once your website is launched we can provide a training session on request to show you the day to day use of adding and editing content on your new website. Keep in mind that during the process of designing and building your website, you will be surprised how much you have already learned from working with the Excite Media team. Your project manager can also direct you to formal and self-help training resources alongside the over 30 training videos we include in your website build.