Know your audience

When designing or upgrading a website it’s important to embed the core aspects of your ‘brand personality’ into your online presence. Branding isn’t just confined to your logo, but is essentially the ‘character’ of your business represented in a visual way. When we talk about your brand story we want to represent your business heart to prospective customers.

For example, if your business is a fun-loving sports equipment company, then your logo, website and how you interact with your customers online needs to speak to that. Your website should be colourful and friendly and the written copy could be cheeky and full of personality.

Likewise, a corporate law firm needs a strong and dependable brand that has a sense of authority and awareness of its place in the world.

Make sure that your website speaks volumes about who you are and connects directly with your target audience. If you would like help discovering just what your brand is, then talk to one of our friendly experts at Excite Media.

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