Humanise your website

Making a real connection with potential customers can be tough enough in person, so doing it in the online space takes real skill. One of the ongoing lessons of business is that ‘people buy from people’, so humanising your web design can have positive benefits on your visitors.

Part of the ongoing shift towards online purchasing becoming mainstream has been the appearance of huge numbers of ‘online only retailers’ flooding the marketplace like EBay and Amazon.

While these sites attract large amounts of website traffic, we all live in a real world and will do business in our own area if we know that local business provides the same (or better) customer experience. By humanising your website and showing your real personality you can rise above the noise and create a real point of difference.

Here’s a few practical ways you can start:

Include photos of your staff and premises on your ‘about’ or ‘contact’ page. Make sure photos around your shop or building have people in them. Showing you actually exist in the real world can help to cut through the scammers and creates instant trust.

Add the email addresses of staff too, especially sales staff, rather than something generic such as

Blog about internal events and milestones within your company. As your company celebrates birthdays, anniversaries or special ‘customer only’ days, share event photos online to give your customers a glimpse ‘behind the scenes’. This provides your customers with a sense of being privileged and is a great trust builder.