How to quickly improve your Google rankings.

In a recent article, we explained the benefits of getting back-links to your site. The general idea is that the more links you have pointing to your site, the more popular Google thinks your site is. This in turn increases your Google ranking.

A good way to quickly increase your number of back-links is through article marketing. Wikipedia defines article marketing as “a type of advertising in which businesses write short articles related to their respective industry”.

Once you’ve written your article (which of course includes links to your website), you can then submit it through article submission sites and blog sites. The real benefit of article marketing is generating back-links for your website.

The only trick is that if you get the same article published on multiple sites, you may only get the benefit of one set of back-links. This is because Google ignores duplicate content. However, there is a way to get around this by using specialised software to help you quickly and easily create multiple versions of an article. We also have access to software to add you to 100’s of blogs and article sites very quickly.

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