Alt Text

“Alt Tags instruct Google on how to read images on your site.”

Alt tags are used to instruct Google’s crawlers how to read the images on your site. Crawlers can’t see images, all they see is code.

What a crawler initially sees when it looks at this image is the source (src) code of the image, which is:

This is the code that tells the crawlers where the image is located in our website’s database. However, there is another part of the code that the crawlers read, which is the alt text.

The purpose of the alt text is to describe the image to the user in case the image cannot be loaded or the site is being read to a person of impaired means. In the first instance, the alt text will be displayed on the page in the space that should be occupied by the image. In the latter instance it is likely that the user will have a program which reads webpages to them, in this case the reading program uses the alt text to describe what the image looks like to the user.

When the crawler reads the alt text it will see the below (which is set as the alt text for this image). Once it reads this it will understand the relevance of the image on this page through analysing keywords and related content.

“An image of meta-tags in source code on a computer screen.”

“Without alt text crawlers will assume that images are irrelevant and this will impact your SEO ranking.”

We use alt text for SEO purposes to inform crawlers that the images on a given webpage are relevant to the content also contained on that webpage. That is why it is critical for us to review alt text in the early stages of an SEO campaign. Without alt text crawlers will assume that images are irrelevant and this will impact your SEO ranking. Google does give preference to sites which use multimedia to engage and communicate with users.