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    “SERP (pronounced SIRP) is a very basic acronym for Search Engine Results Page.” SERP (pronounced SIRP) is a very basic acronym for Search Engine Results Page. Primarily we talk about Google given its dominance of the search engine traffic market. It’s also important to realise theat there are a number of elements that make up… Read more »

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    “Citations are, much like backlinks, referrals which validate your site and build its authority and credibility.” What are citations? Citations are effectively your business listings, they come in many shapes, forms and sizes. Given the absolutely vast number of businesses with an online presence, citations offer the opportunity for users to validate their online business…. Read more »

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    “Schema is a code language that delivers relevant and important information about your site directly to search engine databases.” Schema is a structured data markup language which was created by the big names in search engines (Google, Yahoo! & Bing) to make it easier to collate relevant information about and from sites. Schema matches particular… Read more »

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    SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)


    “The best way to describe SEO is that it’s like building a reputation for your website.” Search Engine Optimisation, commonly known by the marketing jargon acronym, SEO refers to the processes used by webmasters, developers, designers and marketers to improve the ranking of a website when returned on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Understanding… Read more »

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    Authority & Credibility


    “Your site’s reputation is critical to your SEO, much of that relies on your perceived authority and credibility.” Getting your street cred As with all reputation building, it’s all about proving yourself. Personal reputations are built on trust, respect, reliability, etc. Digital reputations are built on quality assets, best practice, valuable content, constant improvement, etc…. Read more »

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