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Most people by now would have noticed a bar code that looks like this around the place:

You might find it on a poster, a magazine, a cereal box or anywhere! A QR code is essentially a personalised barcode that provides the “reader” of the barcode with some information – it might be a link to a website, a YouTube video, a Google Maps location or to a Facebook page. It could also be an SMS message, some contact details (VCARD) or an Outlook Calendar event. Some businesses even use QR Codes to link straight to a Paypal “Buy Now” page.

QR reader devices include mobile devices such as smart phones (e.g. iPhones, Android phones) and tablet computers (e.g. iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tabs), and there are many free QR Reader apps available for these devices.

Creating a QR code is also extremely simple. There are a number of free QR Code generators available – just do a Google Search for “QR code generator”. Here’s a QR code for it!!

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