Focus, focus, focus

When it comes to creating a website many businesses fall into the trap of saying too much. The goal of your website is to create leads or sales and to do that we find engaging ways to tell the audience about our products and services. The mistake we are all tempted to make is to flood our site with everything we do and the end result is that we overwhelm our customer.

Your new website is going to work best if you simplify your message and focus on solving your customer’s needs.

 Rather than trying to answer every possible enquiry on your front page use the “80% principle” and ask yourself, “What is the one thing I need my website to do?” This could be generating new leads for your in-house sales team, actually selling your products via an online credit card transaction or simply educating your current customers on your key services.

A website is simply a tool, so work out what is the tool’s primary function and make it do just that. Easy!

Get in touch with our team of web specialists today to find out how we can help you narrow your focus and improve the returns on your existing website.

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