Learning and Refining

We bring 14 years of experience finding the right way to discover your business needs and develop a custom website design and digital strategy for growing your business.
At Excite Media we have taken a unique approach to our website design process. It comes out of our years in the industry learning what will make the process easier and result in a higher quality result for our clients.

A large proportion of our business is focused on growing our client’s business. On an ongoing basis we deliver more sales/leads/bookings through digital marketing, and as a result, we understand how a website needs to be designed and built to achieve this success.
I thought it would be worth briefly summarising our approach to building a website so you can see this is not a good luck plan based on a simple website ‘out of a box’ with just a few tweaks but no marketing plan.

Strategy Frames Our Thinking

We begin with an experienced digital strategist who will develop wireframes of the site, ensuring that each page addresses the questions and, more importantly, the objections of your website visitors.

The strategists’ knowledge of how website visitors behave and what layouts convert the best is paramount during this process. We understand the importance of being able to give specific direction to our in-house designers for both the desktop and mobile experience.

Content First to Direct Design

Secondly, we believe in a content-first approach, as ultimately content is what customers are on your website for. As a result, we ensure that our professional graphic designers are being guided by both the wire-frame and the content itself to design every page on the website.

Typically most other web designers will design only the home page and a content page, and the remaining pages are completed by a developer. With Excite Media, your website will have individual attention to key pages within the strategy and design process.

Collaboration and Development

At this point, we will develop a concept prototype of the site so that you can see and feel what it’s going to end up looking like. Using this online concept built around your actual final content and not some ‘fake text’, we are able to collaborate with you to finish the design to your satisfaction.

Once this is complete, the remainder of the project is quite straightforward as the prototype has already been completed and it’s now up to the developer to build the final site and go through our internal QA process. Keep in mind like any website, you can add content and review and edit existing content as you need. Unlike printing a document your finished website is just the beginning.