Domain Name Registration

Get found on the internet with ease

Put simply, a domain name is the www. address that your customers use to find you on the Internet.

When a website is designed and built, we store the pages, images and text of the completed site on a specialised computer called a ‘hosting server’. Many hundreds of websites may be stored on a hosting server by giving each a unique number called an ‘IP address‘. You might have heard of this term before.

With the amount of websites estimated to hit one billion soon, that’s a lot of servers around the world and an awful lot of unique IP numbers. By registering a name for your site (a ‘domain name’), we can then point this domain name right at your website’s IP address, giving people an easy way to jump right to your site. After all remembering is easier than remembering right?

Where can I register a domain name?

Visit our domain registration portal to instantly search if your desired domain name is available.

If you have found an available domain that you would like to secure, please feel free to register it via the portal, or Contact Us and our friendly staff will happily help you.

What's the right domain name for my business?

Choosing a domain name that resonates with both you and your customers can sometimes be a tricky proposition. The most common first path that the majority of people take is to register a domain name that closely matches their business or trading name.

In Australia, registering a domain name requires that you provide an ABN or CAN to confirm that your business is closely related to the name you are trying to register. There are no such restrictions for registering a .com or .net address.

It used to be the case that search engines such as Google would look very closely at the keywords that were used in a domain name. They would then use these words as a major factor in their search result rankings. You may have seen people take advantage of this by using choosing their domain name based on what they are selling and their location (e.g. “”).

In 2012 Google changed their search result ranking methods, making this technique no longer useful. It is much better to choose a domain name that is memorable and re-inforces your brand.

Great domain names are almost always the most obvious choice.

A great domain name should be :

We're the local experts in domain name registration

Brisbane based company Excite Media is a friendly team that is here to help you with your domain name registrations. Whether you are looking to register a new domain or looking to transfer an existing domain, we are here to provide assistance every step of the way (unlike some of the other larger domain name registrars out there). Go to the Excite Media website today to register your domain name and be safe in the knowledge that we are here to assist, making the domain name registration process as simple as possible!