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Here are 10 things you should consider when it comes to designing your logo.

Avoid logo symbols and use a word or logotype. If your product is original or is a made-up word, it will be easier to develop a brand and make it memorable for consumers.
Avoid stock photography and images. You want your logo to look unique and may ultimately want to register it as a trademark. It’s best if you use a professional logo designer like Excite Media.
Select a colour or colours which are different form your major competitors. You want your logo design to stand out in the marketplace and be differentiated from the logos of your competition.
Make sure the typeface you use is legible and easy to read from a distance. You may want to use the logo on everything from business cards to billboards, so make sure it looks good at any size!
Research shows that the logo colours most associated with success are red and blue. You may not wish to use these colours, but bear in mind that the colours you chose to design your logo will impact on how people perceive your business.
If red and blue are taken by the competition, consider orange, yellow, green or purple, rather than a mixed colour, or hue of red or blue. Strong, block colour holds the eye better than mixed, or messy colour designs.
If no solid colour is available choose two highly contrasting colours, like blue with yellow. Contrast is easy for the human eye to see, and if used correctly can draw focused attention to a particular message or point.
Standardise your logo colour on all communications and media. This means everything from your stationery and brochures to your website, uniforms, motor vehicle signage and any advertising or promotional materials.
Keep your logo consistent, not changing it every year or two. Logo recognition – much like success - is built over time. People need to see your logo on a consistent basis in order to recognise it.
Logos should be designed to fit the eyes – that’s both eyes. For maximum visual impact a logo should be roughly the same shape as the windshield of a car.

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