Welcome to the Excite Media ‘Tip of the Month’. We are dedicated to helping you with tips of the trade to ensure that your website is working for you as a complete marketing machine – keeping you one step ahead of your competition.

Outdated content on your website could be costing you business. You may have heard a thousand times that keeping one step ahead of your competition is the key to success in business. Well your website is no exception. You want your visitors to have the most accurate picture of your company. Let people know if you’ve changed your pricing, or if you have expanded your range of products and services. You may have just won an industry award, or employed a highly skilled new staff member – let people know about it!

What is a Content Management System?
A Content Management System (CMS), is an online program used to update the content (eg. text, pictures, pages) on your website. A good CMS will allow you to create completely new pages for your website, and then publish these pages so that they automatically stay consistent with the graphic design on your website.

What are the benefits of a Content Management System?
A CMS lets you take control of your website, no matter what your level of computer skills are. You are able to make changes to your website immediately, without having to pay a web design company to do so.

The Excite Media Advantage
At Excite Media, we have designed our own CMS in house, with ‘ease of use’ being the major goal. Our CMS is designed to be user friendly to those with even the lowest level of computer literacy.

Be it adding a complete new page, updating an existing page, managing a photo gallery, or editing your shopping cart, Excite Media has the easy and affordable solution.