Cleaning up your Facebook profile

Last week Facebook announced a new feature that will be available shortly, Graph Search.

This new tool boasts a quick and effective way to search Facebook for all kinds of queries. For example you can search for:

“Photos I like”

…to display all of the photos you have liked on facebook. You are also able to use Graph Search to find people with common interests, for example:

“People who like web design in Chapel Hill”

This search will return any people who live in Chapel Hill and have listed web design as an interest.

Graph Search does not stop at searchable interests. It is able to access most of the information and data that you have listed as public.

Which could be embarrassing for some people.

Only public data is searchable by everyone, however while you might not mind that your friends can scour your profile and find out that you are secretly a Justin Bieber Bieliber (or any of your other fetishes and guilty pleasures), this may change when you show up in a publicised list of people who share these secret interests!

As a result, it’s probably a good time to go through your profile and make sure that there isn’t anything on there that you might be embarrassed about.

You also need to make sure that anything you don’t want on your profile is actually deleted. Facebook has many different visibility and privacy settings that you should be aware of. Hiding something on your Timeline doesn’t necessarily mean that it is gone for good. The only way to be certain is to use Activity Log. Activity Log allows you to see everything that you have been doing on Facebook, and from here you can modify the visibility of all of these events and actions.

While Graph Search looks like it will be an interesting and powerful tool for finding all sorts of data on the social network, make sure that you don’t get an embarrassing surprise by removing anything on your profile that you don’t want to show up when Graph Search is released.

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