Achievement Unlocked: Google Partner Status

Excite Media are officially Google Partners!

We’ve been working with Google AdWords and Analytics for a long time, but now we have a Google-approved badge to show just how mad our skills are!

We had to meet a number of criteria to achieve our Partner Status, including:

  • Certifying a specific number of our team in AdWords and Analytics
  • Spending a particular amount on AdWords
  • Operating an AdWords MCC (Manager Account)

Apart from being able to proudly show off our shiny, new Google Partner badge, there are some other great perks offered by Google to Partners.

We now get exclusive and discounted access to a range of digital marketing and online measuring tools and applications.

This means that we can continue to improve upon what we offer our clients on their web projects and marketing campaigns – which always makes us happy!

Game On!

We are now included in Google’s quarterly challenge – Game On.

Every quarter Google encourages increased engagement and proficiency in their products by challenging badged agencies to compete in their challenges. This approach resonates with the Excite commitment to constant and never-ending improvement. To paraphrase Google Partners, “Game On motivates and rewards agencies for aiming higher, innovating and growing partner businesses”.

Game On encourages agencies to continuously improve practices by setting AdWords performance and team member certification challenges.

Becoming a certified Google Partner and an officially badged agency is a point of pride for us at Excite Media.

We are dedicated to providing the best experience and results possible for our clients, and helping them achieve their business goals and dreams. Google Partner status is one way that we are working on improving our clients’ experience and building the expertise of our amazing team!