5 Ways to fast track your business with WHY?

Business owners are the most easily distracted humans on the planet. We get excited about one marketing strategy and then jump to the next if it seems more interesting or exciting. Here’s a short list of questions you can use to get clear on your marketing activities and to be much more effective and ‘break thru’ to the next financial level.

1. Why am I in this business?

Focusing on what you’re delivering – the vision and mission of your business – can help you get through hard times or even just down days.

Here are a few easy reminders:

Keep a file of your most treasured testimonials nearby.
Make a vision board depicting what your business is helping you to achieve – new home, relationships or a vacation.
Repeat your “burning desire” statement or affirmations.
Staying clear on why you’re in this business can motivate you to achieve the growth you desire.

Get clear, Break Thru and reach your potential
2. Why are we doing this?

Is your business intentional (as opposed to accidental). This means you always have to ask yourself why you’re taking a particular action in your business. What’s the best result that can come of this? What is the outcome you’re looking for?

Asking this question can cause people to become defensive, because it’s a challenging question designed to get at the truth. It can also save money, time and wasted effort – or get teams all on the same page.

Learn marketing principles and apply them to your advantage!
3. Why did that work? Why didn’t it work?

It’s critical to review why your marketing efforts met your goals or didn’t, and to do so in a way that doesn’t blame or shame anyone. Why didn’t my offer sell? Why was that article so popular?

Most people forget to ask why things succeed. (I guess they’re too busy cele- brating!) However, it’s easier to replicate success when you can say we met our goal by (a) collaborating with that partner, (b) creating a strong offer and (c) timing things to happen before the holiday weekend.

Research your target audience, as if your business life depended on it (it does!)
4. Why should I buy what you’re selling?

As I mentioned in point #3, people need a reason explaining why to buy, as well as reasons why to buy now, why to buy from you, etc. Many marketers forget to address this, including professional salespeople.

Get clear on your Niche and Expertise
5. Why are you a better choice for me than your competitors?

You’ll either be asked this question overtly by a prospect, or they’ll be thinking it to themselves while evaluating you. Spend some time answering it, and then clearly articulate the reasons in all your marketing messages.

One thing that trips people up about the branding process is that they must determine what they do that no one else can do. What is special, unique and superior about your offering?

What makes this question more possible to answer, for small business owners, is that you don’t have to be the only one or the best one in all the world – just the single best choice for YOUR target market.

I’m not saying it’s easy to figure out how you’re a better choice for your competitors … after all, that’s the difficult question I built my business on! But, there is an answer to that question – you ARE unique and the perfect choice for your intended customer. So, be sure you are prepared next time with a confident, compelling answer for your prospects.

What is your compelling marketing message.

If you can answer these five questions, you’ll be more effective in your marketing, clearer about your goals and enjoying more growth in your business.

However, if your marketing is sporadic and you don’t know what is and isn’t working. If your marketing systems aren’t set up for success and you wish that more clients would chase you instead of you chasing clients. Then make marketing your business prior to break thru to reach the success you’ve only dreamed of.

Article by Deborah Jackson from Jaxon Marketing

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